Help continuing two fate-locked stories

Greetings delicious friends!

I have found myself returning to the Neath after an extremely lengthy absence and am catching up on affairs that I had perhaps wandered off in the middle of. There are two stories that I believe I am working on but cannot for the life of me figure out how or where to progress. As they are both Fate-locked I understand that it is not possible to give specifics publicly. Hints or DMs would be most appreciated to get me on the right track.

The stories are: “The Final Curtain” and “Our Lady of Pires”. I have checked the Fate tab for buying missing stories and I have nothing there prior to 2017 (having either purchased the stories or already finsihed them) and I have checked the “reset stories” page and they do not appear there either - which means I must have them in progress somewhere - I just have no idea how to find them.

Any guidance would be most appreciated.

ETA: I have found them! It took (rather a bit!) of digging, but I have located them and am very much looking forward to playing through them. Thank you to those who replied (both here and privately!) for your much appreciated assistance!

Thank you!

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In theory they should be continuable from your Exceptional Library. As they’re both Season of Wrecks stories, you’ll want to go to the library (which should be a storylet in your lodgings) and then select Breakwater House from there.

I will say, however, I too got stuck trying to resume one of the Season of Wrecks stories after a hiatus and ended up having to resort to a support ticket as I couldn’t seem to get anything new to trigger anywhere so your mileage may vary. Hopefully Breakwater House gives you the direction you need…

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Thank you! I should probably amend my post haha. I’ve checked Breakwater House and nothing was there and the stories aren’t showing in my Exceptional Library (though quite a few others are - so much fun to explore!). I’ve been to Breakwater House and talked to everyone there, but didn’t find anything to start there. I appear to have finished “Where You and I Must Go” though that would have been when it was released (and sadly I don’t remember it at all) so the only thing relating to that season is the Breakwater House hub. I suspect that there’s some trail somewhere that I’m missing but darned if I can find it.

Maybe I’ll take your route and see if FB Support can help set my feet upon the right path.

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