Help, Change to Criminal is making me a Turncoat!

I was hoping someone could help me. Prior to the change to the Criminal connection I was at ~20 Connection: Criminals and ~90 Connection: Constables. Now that the change has went in I keep getting the card &quotCrime or Punishment&quot that forces me to choose between the Criminals or the Constables, I keep choosing the Constables and keep getting a +1 to Turncoat. My favor/renown for the Criminals aren’t going down, even though I’ve stopped picking Criminal options, so I keep getting the card. Is there a way I can burn all of my favor/renown with the Criminals so I stop getting this card? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

You can buy an Old Skeleton Key in the Bazaar and burn all your Favours to increase Renown. That will stop the Crime and Punishment card from turning up, and as long as you don’t gain any other Criminal favours you won’t ever see it again.

That worked like a charm, even cleared out the card I had in my hand. Thank you so much!

No problem! I’m happy to help. You might also want to send a bug report in to since I’m pretty sure choosing the Constables ought to get rid of your Criminal favours.

Will do, thanks again!

Thank-you for suggesting the Key! I have had this Card stuck in my hand for months.

This card no longer gives A Turncoat though so it’s not as bad as before. Besides the Key you can also spend a Favour on the Thieves’ Cache expedition or spend five on the new Heist.