HELP! Can't get a The Roof Tops: Urchins card

Hey, I’ve been hanging out in Spite and the Flit for three weeks. I’m at level 26 connected to the urchins. I keep getting church and criminal connected cards, but what I’m looking for is an Urchin connected card so that I can finally get Trickster as my profession. But I haven’t gotten a single The Roof Tops: Urchins card in the past three weeks. I’m getting incredibly frustrated, particularly since every source I can find says that they pop up with standard frequency and I keep getting criminal and church cards, with whom I have lower connections.

EDIT: Please help. I enjoy this game, but I am stuck in between the starting profession and the profession that I want, but can’t get. If this keeps up, I can’t keep playing this game. And I made a forum account just so that I might be able to get an answer and keep playing the game.
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You can draw that card anywhere in London, and it’s slightly better to be in a place with no location specific draws (so your chance of draw is say 1/30 instead of 1/31) like the Forgotten Quarter or the Labyrinth of Tigers.

Other than that, you could force-draw the card from your logings (write a letter to your contacts) with a favourable circumstance (or fate).

yeah, about using favorable circumstances, if the only applicable advice is to pay to draw the card, then I’m really done playing.

But this isn’t the only applicable advice.
The best advice when waiting for a specific card it to just keep flipping cards. It will turn up eventually.

If you’re impatient, you can use Favourable Circumstances to speed this up, and you can get that with either Notability or with Fate. That’s up to you.

So, you can spend money if you want, but that’s definitely not required.

either you have terrible luck, or you’re playing kinda off-and-on. usually, i get about 1, maybe 2, of each connection card per week- with more of the ones i consider useless, like great game and criminals… if you are in a real hurry to become a trickster, double up- you can also get it through hell- unless you have already sided with the constables in the ladybones road storyline.

also, to slightly increase the odds, hold onto cards you don’t consider useful- you’ll never have two of the same card in your hand. If you are really desperate, fate is an option, but otherwise, patience will prevail- there is NO miracle cure for bad draws.
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The Hell card also lets you become a trickster, for the record.

You can also grab a different profession for a bit and then switch when the card does turn up.

Also you can nuke a bunch of connection you don’t want to remove conflict cards, tell any devils you’re intimate with to b----r off, sell of a singular plant, sell pets that have cards, and such like that to clear out draws from your deck that aren’t the ones you want.

The RNG statistically will stop hating you eventually, but ‘just wait’ is probably not what you’re looking for advicewise.