Helicon house nerf ?

Seems 20 inspiration (210 cp) are now needed instead of 14 (105cp) for cashing out Inspiration in Helicon house - are there any patch notes ?

We all knew that anything >4 EPA was too good to last.

FWIW according to the Discord they’ve doubled all the Inspired gains within Helicon House itself so it works out to about the same average actions if you’re grinding within Helicon itself, but it does break the Court-to-Ealing grind, because we can’t have nice things.
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Well, actually - we still can, but only the most ambitious of us (those with some crown-ing achievements, cape-ring around with their false-star-dom can still have 5+ EpA).

The last of three, by the way, became more profitable (4 CP -> 10 CP).

If you really miss the Helicon grind, then you can go enjoy the new one right now: Chasing Spices around the floor of Factory VIII with a storm-bird until he very dejectedly asks you to stop being mean to him.

Hmmm. I got a much more positive reaction than that from him.

If you’re willing to spend favours, the Court is still good. One Church favour grants 35CP of Inspiration, so you can reach the new threshold with six favours/actions.

Well, picking up a favor takes an action, so getting 6 favors and spending 6 favors is 12 actions total.

Is that the option that gives just 2x blackmail material, or something else? Did I waste my bird on a completely wrong thing?

Is that the option that gives just 2x blackmail material, or something else? Did I waste my bird on a completely wrong thing?[/quote]
At the time I posted, it gave 5 Blackmail Material. I’m not surprised they nerfed it, but I am slightly surprised they nerfed it late at night on a weekend instead of waiting until Monday.

I am so pissed about this nerf. Failbetter aren’t reading my thoughts and nerfing the grinds I like, but it after having this happen to several such grinds I’m getting suspicious. Failbetter is on my sus list.

They flatly said that they have access to statistics on players’ activity server-side. Apparently they monitor it from time to time and see if someone is gaining too much wealth too fast. I can presume they have set certain arbitrary thresholds for that and are trying to get everyone not to overshoot them.

I wonder if they have a bunch of the forums people on a watch list. That would be kind of flattering.

I am pretty sure FBG have no time / people / resources for it.
Official discord have a bunch of enthusiasts who researches grinds and reports possible abuses or mistakes. Sometimes its fixed immidiatly, if chat is too concerned.
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Considering this, I think what I miss most about the Inspired grind at Helicon is that it was both optimal (or close to it) and required a loop back to London. The grinds now are best if you stay put in Ealing. Having reason to come back to London on a regular schedule just feels better to me.

I feared this was coming…but it seems like Casing from “Keep a close eye on everyone present” in the Entrance Hall has taken a huge hit with the recent balancing.

Time to find another grind to get the final 4000 echoes to the Cider…