Helicon House Further Tweaked

Just a heads up that Modeling has been made more unprofitable - it now delivers &quotonly&quot 20 scrip on top of the wine.

Brood Ostentatiously also can’t be used below Time Remaining 4, so in order to Brood and then Model, you have a spare action that maaaay at best net 3 Fitting In, but I need to check a couple things.

If nothing else, it’s no longer a no-brainer to do Helicon House as your only grind, particularly without a Fabulous Accomplice, Nemesis Cloak and/or the expensive Amber Pendant thingie. It’s definitely closer to the 3 EPA level now.

The roaring twenties are over already, I suppose.

It looks like now you get .5 Echoes in goods upon entry with the Bohemian and Rubbery contacts options, so this is still very much in flux.


As far as I can tell, all of the changes in the blog post about the Winter Balance Patch. However it probably deserves its own thread, since it’s a core part of the end-game economy and the changes are all over the place.

To summarize:

  • Nerfs to exiting via Biscuits, Modelling, a Commission (inspired), and a Companion (fascinating)[/li][li]Buffs to entering with Renown items, and to bringing nobody as a companion[/li][li]Nerf to Ambition options but they’re still pretty good[/li][li]Pendant allows access to a new area. Without giving any details, I can tell you the Special Constables would not approve of the artwork.[/li][li]Probably a bunch of small things. I am most saddened now by the fact that the real petty theft is now, in fact, actually money rather than the friends that we made along the way.

It probably should be mentioned that the Pendant now doesn’t provide any bonus Fitting In at all.

Far as I’m concerned, the newly opened area makes up for it by providing more options, nice text and further worldbuilding, but does not offer not more valuable opportunities than the already existing areas. Speaking strictly mechanically, basically the only benefit left is the possibility to enter at 4, not 5 Time Remaining. Consider that when you think about buying it.

Also, the Returned Loved Ones (Brother, at least) now offer 2 Fitting in + 8 CP Inspired… in their action, rather than 3 Fitting In. Which is probably just a little bit more useful, or at least not markedly worse. The true nerf is the option to use them becoming locked with less than 4 Time Remaining…

Okay, so depending on what items you have access to, this now looks to be in the 3.5-3.75 EPA range. Still very good, but not “Ignore all other options in the game” good.

So it’s looking like the best EPA in Helicon House is watching people by the door to build up casing while grabbing biscuits, then coming back in to clear out the upstairs honey den (even better if you’ve got an amber and a rubbery cat to feed while taking the solace fruit and peppercap option every once in a while to restock). At least I think this is the best. I don’t know if my cloak is still as useful after the nerf, or if I’d be better off sticking to that to build fascinating to attract a companion while grabbing biscuits instead of modeling.

My question is, if watching people at the entrance is the way to go, what do I do with all this investigating? Is there any repeatable turn in for investigating in the game that doesn’t just zero it out with no scaling reward?

Afraid not.

>>>it’s a core part of the end-game economy

Not really. Only for Bone Market haters. I can count my visits on both hands and never run out of scrip or other new economy resources. Nothing essential in Helicon after maxing out Shapeling Arts.
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Some of the things you can make with the help of the rubberies are quite handy. Amber-crusted fins are the only good use of fin bones that I know of, and tentacles are good for cooking with.

Also it’s currently the only good source of Solace-fruit, but I agree with you, Waterpls - it’s hardly a core part of the end-game economy.

It was just an overpowered cash grind previously. It’s now in the top two, as far as I know and a FEW London cards are in the same league again.

Edited to add: It’s also easily the best way to increase Casing for Heists if you have a Rubbery Cat - get paid to grind Casing!
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