Held in Esteem by the Crew of the Galatea [SOLVED]

I opened the storylet for August’s Exceptional Story which starts with ‘An Exceptional Story: Murmurs of Mutiny’, and one of the options requires &quotHeld in Esteem by the Crew of the Galatea&quot. Curious about how to obtain this, I’ve looked on the Wiki but it seem all of the sources are Fate-locked.

Given that I have 126 Fate burning a hole in my pocket (the other pocket burning from too many sketches of Correspondence sigils), I’m looking to find out how I would go about obtaining Held in Esteem by the Crew of the Galatea, before I begin this month’s story.

Would anyone be able to please point me in the right direction? ^_^

(Edit: Updated title.)
edited by Kittenpox on 8/1/2015

The Gift

Thankyou! :-D