Heftier endings wanted

The ending in Sunless seas left far to much open. By the end of a long game the captain will have had the biggest effect on the sea since the fall of London but the ending give on mention of that.

I’d like it if the ending showed the result of all the major actions and choices your character made. For example I’d like to see what all the officers go off and do.

Fallout new Vegas and dragon age origins and two big games where the ending is changed a bit and added too depending on what you’ve do. Since a main point of this game is dealing with choice you and predecessors having the those choses dropped on you right at your moment of victory makes them all the more powerful.

I’d sort of agree. This was one of the reasons i chose not to play sunless sea as the developer intended, instead turning off hardcore mode, reloading whenever i died, and just playing as one single captain forever.
I did do the fathers’ bones quest once, and i was rather disappointed at how short and played-straight the ending was.

But i enjoyed the game the way i played it anyways. In most cases i remember the journey more than the destination, and i tend to play most games until I decide i’m done, not until the storyline decides it for me.

Still, some closure on your crewmembers would be nice. It wouldn’t need to be specific to any ending, but a more general screen

You could see a list of all your officers, and several major/important characters in the world, and you’d be given a little info about what happens to each of them depending on where you were at with their associated questlines.
If you sink, for most of your crew it’d be &quotWent down with your ship and was never heard from again&quot, but it’d be nice to know what happens to folk if you successfully and safely retire

I definitely agree. One thing that always struck me as odd in a continuity sense in Sunless Sea was Aestival. If you end the game by founding a colony, it does not carry over to your next captain. While one can understand how this could be hard to implement from a gameplay/coding standpoint, it sort of broke the immersion for me slightly.

Would love to see more lasting choices/endings that persist from captain to captain in Skies, but regardless FB did fantastic with Sunless Sea, and I have no doubt Sunless Skies will blow us all away. Cheers!

At zee, time is, as the young people these days put it, a flat circle. At the end of your journey, you find your destination is your point of origin - and the point of origin of your next journey. Nothing has changed, except for the baggage you carry with you. And the course of each journey is itself a series of conclusions - the conclusions to the journeys of those who have travelled with you, returning to their own points of origin.

That would’ve been no problem to code at all. Qualities do carry over: legacies, lodgings, endgame achievements and access to a zub all persist between captains. Design-wise, however, there’s a finite amount of content in the game, and whatever one of your captains completes the others don’t get to play. If continuity is expected, it turns out there are not many things that can be repeated. Neathbow, Salt Lions, Principles, Pigmote Isle, Varchas, the dirigible, Memento Mori, Impeller and of course immortality are all one-time affairs.
It’ll be interesting to see how Sunless Skies handles this.

Ah, you are all right of course. Don’t mind me, just an old soul complaining about things he understands not.

I suspect this is already being addressed.