Hearts Game Woes

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and need help.

I can’t seen to win at all! Idk what secondary stats should be at so I’ve avoided them, and I’m still grinding my shadowy and dangerous so my options have been watchful or persuasive, but neither has gotten me there. I keep getting close but can’t quite outpace the elusiveness buildup.

How do I win? The wiki guide hasn’t been super helpful for me.

You’re not likely to be able to maximize BOTH your main primary stat and your main secondary stat, because if you equip items that give you one you often will end up decreasing the other.

I think you’re best off picking a single stat and as best you can selecting ONLY accomplices who check that stat. I have a high Kataleptic Toxicology (with the right equipment) so I usually try to stick to characters who require that for their attacks. If you can get to 16 or more in KT, you’ll usually have 100% (or close to that) chance of success with any attack. Good luck!

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same here - I’m mostly aiming for one stat for my team and maybe a second one for not so important accomplices. so for example shadowy (because it’s my strongest) and then a bit of watchful because they combine well based on my items … but generally try to focus on one stat.
… that of course means, that quite often you won’t be able to draft a fitting team. play one round (sometimes unexpected combinations actually work) and then end the run and try again.
think about possible combinations for accomplices: how will you deal damage? how will you get the necessary preparations for that? how will you hold up in late game when poison tolerance is quite high?
… some accomplices generally work better for me than others - search for something you can support statwise and that fits your style:

  • for me the King of Knuckles is almost always nice to have, because a higher poison tolerance makes them hit harder, so elusiveness later on is not so much of a problem
  • King of Spines takes a lot of preparation, but if you can make it work, they hit so hard that even a high poison tolerance is rarely problematic
  • Queen or Cod is nice because they reduce your card deck to 5 cards
  • Knight of Skin gives a lot of preparation, so they can easily fuel heavy hitters
  • Knight of Flames can reduce poison tolerance, so a weaker hitting combination can still work
  • Page of Gambits is pure gambling but (at least for me) works surprisingly often …

… but I barely played this season, so I have no idea how my strategies hold up this time of year …

good luck & enjoy. =)

I’ll also say that I often ignore the stats of one or two companions. I tend to make teams that are a “carry” plus a primary “support,” usually a King and someone who produces Preparation, and then a third wheel who gets ignored. So I’ll tend to gear to max out the King’s chances, and then the other characters only use challenge-free abilities that generate Prep except in cases of emergencies.

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If you don’t have 230 base stats + most of best in slot gear it’s probably too early for comfortable play and consistent win streaks. With advanced stats (skills, MAGCATS) situation is even worse, since they require significant fate or time investment.

If you are desperate to get this season distinction / trophy stick to good base stat composition and use second chances. Good examples would be:
King of Knuckels + anything that adds preparation without checks
Spines + Cod + anything that adds preparation without checks
Skin + Lures + Flames