Hearts Desire - The Topsy King's Opera

After finally having purchased a ship, I sail the Zee for a good while, and came upon a certain key that was of interest to a certain merry gentleman. This advanced my ambition to where I can either choose to stage the Topsy King’s play myself in the Empress’s Court, or I could head to Veilgarden and hire some actors. I read through the wiki, as I often do to make sure I’m not missing out on anything, and it seems that staging your own opera allows you to skip the entirety of the Carving out a Reputation at Court quality! Is this indeed the case, or a typo or mistake of some sort? I will be completing my Tale of the Future first for when I wish to acquire a Zubmarine, and I already used my Patriotic Adventure to join God’s Editors, so those are of no concern. My only problem issue with this is that I won’t be able to get copies of all six types of novels and poems, although I doubt my hatred of long-term grinding could have put up with it in the first place.

Sorry for the wall of text, but can anyone confirm this for me? It seems too good to be true :)

If you complete the Topsy King’s Opera in Veilgarden you will not be locked out of the court and will be able to make another (different)] opera at a later date.

Thank you for the reply! I understand that, but what happens when I make the Topsy King’s Opera in the Empress’s Court (different option)? Will I be able to skip straight to being banished from the Court and finally start the Foreign Office like the wiki suggests? Or is that a typo/misinformation?

Normally I don’t doubt the wiki, but this seems too good to be true and a bit unfair to other ambitions ;)
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If you didn’t already make it elsewhere, it would have the same effect as staging any other “final” opera - banishment from the court, banishment to the colonies (scandal!), unlocking the foreign office option. This would be in addition to progressing the ambition story.

If you did already make it, I suspect you cannot make it again, and will have to choose a different opera in the court.

Just to be clear since I misread your original question: if you choose the Veilgarden option you will still need to do another opera to get kicked out of the court and start the Foreign Office I chose that option myself.
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Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa! I have misinterpreted the wiki without checking the redirect page where the option originates. To perform this masterpiece, one must already have &quotCarving out a Reputation at Court&quot at 6 before staging your opera. I was under the impression that one might do this to skip the long and laborious grind, but that is unfortunately not the case. Sorry about that :(