Heart's Ambition

Delicious Friends,

I can’t commit!

Well, I am a poet and all poets are observant, and I am also becoming skilled at the charming arts of persuasion----however I cannot persuade myself to pursue &quotmy heart’s desire.&quot

I like to be charming, I enjoy the company of bohemians and relish my literary endeavors, but I find my thirst for Revenge is very…er… thirsty.

Does my profession and the skills I enjoy indicate I should forgot my beloved dead someone and go a-gaming for my heart’s desire? Or can I be all poet-y and charming and still track and destroy whoever it was that wrecked my once love-and-light filled life upon the surface?

(I am asking here to avoid any sort of detailed view into my future—I have been trying to stagger through wiki-less and ungoogle-y)

Miss V. Joss

Well, there’s no reason that you can’t increase all four qualities over the course of your stay in London; it’s just that if you choose an ambition that isn’t focused on the main qualities you’re strong in, you’ll just progress more slowly, that’s all.

My advice would be to choose whichever ambition suits your character best. Personally I think choosing your advanced profession later in the game can be governed by the qualities you prefer.

What he said. In the opposite but similar vein, having an ambition will typically cause you to raise the qualities relating to the ambition higher than the ones you don’t. My Dangerous is about ten points lower than the rest of my skills right now because I do not use it.

Your ambition is only a small part of the total stories you’re going to play through. I would say it’s very easy to be a persuasive, Bohemian, literary and hedonistic type whatever your ambition. Go for revenge, it sounds like you want to.

Thanks muchly, Rackenhammer, reveurciel, Marcus, and Kirr— I think I was over-worrying about it. I am now happily engaged to wreak vengeance.

POETIC Vengeance. (Which, in this case, is exactly the same as the kind you do with a knife)

Yours, V. Joss

Enjoy! Nemesis is some of the coolest and most rewarding content in the game.