Heartmetal Smith

K, so I’ve explored just about every bit of content this game has now, completed the Zong of the Zee, the First Curator, the Principles of Coral, killed Mt. Nomad, all of that, however I cannot for the life of me figure out how to become Acquainted with a Heartmetal Smith, if anyone could shed some light on this for me, that would be much appreciated.
edited by Necraa on 11/29/2014

Take a look at Station III - Errands for the Acolyte. Unfortunately if you have completed her story you won’t see him.

Ah I see, thank you, I have already completed her stuff, so i suppose I will have to try again next game, any further specifics you can offer about what specific errand is involved and what i should look for?

I think it is pretty obvious as she asks you to take something to the Smith :) Then you can play through some options with him instead of doing things with her.

Actually hers is the one story that I don’t complete by visiting the Low Building. The other options - errands (guarding the yard can give supplies and coffee), questions (you can get secrets) and observing autopsies are things I like doing.