Heading to Flute Street... how many candles?

I hope I’m not out of line in asking this… but since this is a Fate-Locked matter, the wiki is useless, and I’m worried. I unlocked the option of visiting Flute Street ages ago, but it’s only now that I’ve gotten into breeding rare creatures in the Labyrinth of Tigers that I have a proper reason TO go there. Now, I’ve heard that making your way there the first time consumed a large number of Foxfire Candles, and that if you set out without ENOUGH of them, you’ll wind up having to turn back - wasting whatever you’ve used up so far.

So - can anyone tell me how many is ‘enough’? I really don’t want to waste a bunch of actions AND candles just to discover that I’ve run out a few steps before the goal. (PM will be welcome, if this is one of those things we’re not allowed to talk openly about. Though it IS my understanding that the general gag-order on fate-locked content mainly pertains to the story within, rather than the utility-stuff.)

I found 1,500 was more than enough - I had a bunch left over, though I don’t remember exactly how many. It depends on your stats, though - I have about 140 for Watchful and Persuasive, 100 for Dangerous, 80 for Shadowy, counting gear.

If your Watchful is high enough you really won’t need any more than the game forces you to bring. Extras act as a safeguard in case your Watchful isn’t quite high enough to pass the checks 100% of the time.

Hmm… well, that allays my worries somewhat. Any other advice before I set out? Anything I should bring or look out for?

Here’s some very, VERY offhand advice recalled when I did this a few months ago.

[ul][li]This thread helped me: http://community.failbettergames.com/topic19767-going-to-flute-street-candles.aspx[/li][li]There’s nothing wrong with carrying way too many candles your first time. You won’t need to worry about them in the future (you’ll only spend candles once you arrive, and only if you want to, on future trips).
[/li][li]Also, having a large stash of extra candles means you can spend some in Flute Street where applicable (I don’t recall how many options require them, but at least a couple).
[/li][li]Prepare to have all your actions eaten up for the next few days even if you play all the time, with no card deck. Being an Exceptional Friend helps (as always).[/li][li]If you have Theological Husbandry, make sure you get a Rubbery Hound once you’re in Flute Street![/li][li]Try out all the options. Don’t expect them to be very profitable. Do expect them to be nonsensically grindy. It’s worth it to do them all anyway, because the reward text is fantastic.
[/li][li]This counts for the trip there, too; the card deck going there has many great options. Even if it means waiting for your card deck to regenerate, I recommend trying to see everything possible! (And start your trip with a full deck, since this isn’t like the Nadir where you’re trying to draw the Best Cards, you’re really looking to see All Cards.)[/li][li]However, don’t be afraid to leave once you’ve arrived the first time, even if you haven’t used every option. It’ll be much easier going back. Just remember that the entrance will be in the Carnival and will cost 10 actions (but for a guaranteed success).[/li][/ul]

…damn. I wound up making the whole trip with an empty deck, never even realizing that there was a unique set available for it. Does it become available on repeat visits too, or was it only for the first trip?

I assume those downward-journey opportunity-cards are also where you’re supposed to spend your goldfish. I had to buy 10 to launch the expedition, and I still have all of them - nobody in Flute Street itself seemed to want them. >_>

The second time you head to Flute Street, you have the choice to go there directly (at a high action cost of course) or to re-do the first trip (without having to pay the same cost).
So you’ll have another chance at this, don’t worry.

PS : I kept the goldfish too (they’re just useful at some points in the travel, via opportunity cards, if I remember correctly, but I didn’t use the options that required them), and I just ended up selling them because they were useless clutter in my inventory.