Haven't played in months, what do I need to know?

Haven’t played the game in months (basically since the islands started moving around). What do I need to know that’s changed?

I guess my real dilemma is whether I should suicide my old game or not.

Edit: and if I do suicide, should I still save Pages? Is it still the hardest stat to raise? Is there a good current detailed game guide?
edited by Dr. Hieronymous Alloy on 2/10/2015
edited by Dr. Hieronymous Alloy on 2/10/2015

Well, combat is real time and on the main map now. That’s different.

Heh, I just leapt in and figured out a LOT had changed.

I ended up dumping my cash on a mansion and Heirlooms, getting a Scion, and then going North with the Merchant Venturer. It seemed like a good idea at the time!

And it will remain an excellent idea for the captains that follow…