Have you remapped any controls?

after a couple hours playing, i decided the default controls weren’t to my liking. The whole thing about using A and D to turn seems wrong to me. Those are The Strafing Keys. They have always been and always will be The Strafing Keys. To use them for turning seems like an offense to an unnamed god.

So instead, i decided to take a page from one of my favourite games-about-spaceships, Fractured Space
From that i copied the control configuration which seems to make the most sense: W and S remain forward and reverse thrust, A and D become The Strafing Keys, for moving directly port or starboard. And Q and E become the turning keys, for rotating the prow in a desired direction

with this little change i feel much more at home, and i’m running rings around those poor pirates and disloyal tackety rebels. God save the queen!

M for Map, page down for strafe right and delete for strafe left since I like using the arrow keys for movement (right hand movement, left hand everything else)

C for chart, because I’ve spent far too much time playing Seas and can’t get the hang of using tab (I changed cruise control, which I don’t think does anything yet, to something else). This also has the added bonus of avoiding that horribly loud clanking sound that plays when opening the chart from the toolbar, which I think may be the most unintentionally terrifying thing in the entire game.

I tried re-mapping loot to “R” again, to deal with it being bugged out, but that didn’t help. Beyond that I hadn’t really thought of any good remappings.

I’m very tempted to go w. Vulchor’s suggestion and re-map the charts to “M”. On the other hand … tab is conveniently near my fingers anyway, so maybe I’ll keep it. I’m also considering the primary and secondary weapon keys as well.

But, in the end, I’m gonna guess I’ll just go w. re-training my reflexes instead.

@absimiliard the looting bug is caused from hitting ‘esc’ when having the map open, its a known bug. If you didn’t do that and still have the problem with looting not working, submit a bug report. :)

I added left-click and right-click for primary and secondary weapons respectively, and “m” to map because that’s what I’m used to from Sea.

I remapped the left and right boosts as well as my weapons and looting to the numpad. I don’t need a hand on the mouse while traveling at the moment, since you can’t click on things for information (yet?), and it gives me a real boost in combat.

[color=#6666ff]Really interesting to see people’s thoughts on controls and what they are remapping to. I’m sure we may make tweaks between now and final launch, but we set the default controls as they are now (build because we thought players may life to be able to control everything with one hand. All hotkeys within comfortable reach you see. I guess there may never be a perfect fit for all and that’s the beauty of the remapping.

So, who likes being able to control everything with one hand?
Who usually plays with two hands on the keyboard?
Who likes one hand on the keyboard and the other on the mouse?[/color]
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I remapped the weapon keys because I found moving to hit shift or the space bar awkward. I remapped them to 1 and 2 (same as Sunless Sea) as that felt more natural to me.

So I can play with one hand, though I sometimes use two when in combat for weapons and the direction keys. I don’t use a mouse.