Have sorta hit a wall of sorts.

Because my computer is not the best I have the stuttering Frame issue which renders later game almost impossible. I cannot turn well and most of the time I have difficulty getting in and out of ports. I just wanted to know if anyone else has been able to kill high level creatures with this issue. I have to trade damage with them as I cannot out maneuver them. Any tips or wait for update?

Worry not, the issue of turnspeed deteriorating with computer speed/stuttering should be patched in the next big update.

Until then I suggest taking on a Veils sneak attack approach. Take a few shots then run before your enemy sees you. Then return and repeat. In this way you don’t have to out maneuver your opponent so much as run faster than them and keep to the shadows.
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There are a few things I’ve found to help with the bug. None solve, but they help.

The first is to turn down your graphics settings as much as you can tolerate.

The second is more tactical. There are a number of quests and things you can work on that don’t involve combat – fetch and carry, transport, etc. One thing I did over the past week was complete all the Legacy - Official Sunless Sea Wiki legacies; most of them you can probably do just by steaming past trouble.

Cheers, Was just trying to get a Fluke-core

Yeah, the need for the Fluke-Core was the one thing I couldn’t crack by non-combat means. It’s the reason I finally gave up my faithful Steamer and bought a Frigate.

Fear not, however – as far as the Lorn-Fluke is concerned, you need only use the strategy of backing up and firing. Its ranged attack isn’t fatal, though you’ll need to keep an eye on Terror if it’s high, and backing up doesn’t require a lot of fancing maneuvering.
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Well, if you need the fluke core for a Judgment Egg, you can spend ten secrets at Irem, get the Egg, get your MM, restart, save your Iron and MM through the legacy.

The chopping stutter does go away when you start a fresh game, which is one reason it’s good to get the legacies now.