Hats off to the Surface's own Commodore Creazil!

Radio Free Neath is wonderfully entertaining. We are all, sir, in your debt.

Hear, hear!

I’ll toast to that!

Radio Free Neath is seriously the best! It’s the best music to analyze data to while waiting for your ebz actions to refresh…

I’ll drink to this, and gladly.

Oh, friends! Brilliant, radiant, magnificent and delicious friends! The Commodore is truly overcome by your warm regards! We shall endeavor to drive the show ever onward and bring you the only best hand-picked variety of Neathy music!

[For those who haven’t already taken note, the Commodore has been playing more music through 8tracks.com lately as Blip.FM has had some gigantic content licencing issues which have limited its usability in this context. Thanks so much for enjoying this humble little fan project!]

Since Blip.FM is all but abandoned and 8tracks is only working half the time, I have decided to reconstruct some of the programs of Radio Free Neath using YouTube. I have made only two playlist so far, one of them for the main program and the other for The Violet Hour, made by Lady Scarlet of the Crimson Ring. I will try to make more. I also try to reconstruct some of the 8tracks playlist made by CommodoreCreazil, but some of the songs are missing, so it’s only a partial reconstruction.

I did this because I think it’s a little sad that this part of the fandom has been abandoned, and I want to pay homage to their work and show what the culture around the game was like at the time. Plus, the music is really good. Here are the links to the playlists:

I have continued to work on these playlist and I just wanted to warn you that when I couldn’t find the song on Youtube (and most of the time anywhere at all), I put a song called “Untitled” instead. Since I can’t put the same song twice in a playlist, they are all different song. So if you end up listening to Simple Plan had some point, that’s why. Also, I don’t know if I can do this for all the days of the program, but I promise to do a few more playlists.