Hastily Scrawled Warning Notes

I need so many of them. I’m farming brilliant souls from Thefts of a Particular Character in the flit, and i need the notes to set my gang of hoodlums to work at 69% odds (because 5 actions is far too much to waste on a failure), and i also need them for directly stealing the souls, at 57%, because if you fail that check you lose almost twice as much casing, which is indirectly another waste of actions, about 5 actions’ worth too.

So i’m running through them a whole lot because i just can’t afford to fail these checks.
The problem is, i’m also trying to build notability. And the loss of Making Waves is annoying in that regard, i’m aiming for 5 so i can be a Correspondent

These problems are, of course, because my Shadowy sucks. It’s 69+46, and i have all the best shadowy equipment money can buy already
But improving it isn’t really a quick process, and a life of crime really isn’t my thing, i’m just doing this to get the brass embassy guest room and then i swear i’ll never steal again! (probably)

Is there any other reliable way to get these notes?
Or failing that, what opportunity cards can i get them from, to keep an eye out for?
i really need alternate sources of HSWN’s
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edited by Nanako on 1/22/2016

you must hurry up, the wicket will close soon, i can help you with loiter, i don’t really need mw right now and having a few hastily scrawled notes is good, if you want making wakes you can do a heist (it can gives you 2 bazaar permit and making waves), invite someone to a private supper or caligula’s coffe or, if you have the amanuensis card in hand you can do the society option (connected society is easily grindable at shuttered palace) to increase it
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I think you are doing a little too much at once. I would suggest either focusing on raising your Shadowy (in my opinion the overall better action) first, or on raising notability.
69 is really, really low for a PoSI, even a new one, and using the notes to directly raise your Shadowy would probably be better.
As for gaining the notes, look for
http://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Give_a_Gift!_A_commotion_in_the_Square_of_Lofty_Words (with Hedonist >= 8)
to gain all second chances, one each.
You probably won’t get the 5-card-lodging you want right now, but you can always save your PtPt:tToL for next year (this year… you know what I mean).

what does the wicket have to do with anything?

I’ve already made the decision that i’m not doing it. I came in too late this year, i only got 1 ToL from snow, and i need my night whispers for other things. ill do xmas stuff next year

[quote=Thorbimorbi]I think you are doing a little too much at once. I would suggest either focusing on raising your Shadowy (in my opinion the overall better action) first, or on raising notability.
69 is really, really low for a PoSI, even a new one, and using the notes to directly raise your Shadowy would probably be better.[/quote]

I really just…don’t want to, to be honest. It’s a roleplaying choice. I’m lawfully aligned, i don’t like stealth. i wouldn’t be doing this at all if it weren’t the most efficient route to the brass embassy.
I’m kind of proud of my low shadowy

[quote=]As for gaining the notes, look forhttp://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/A_contact_in_the_Great_Game_has_a_tale_for_youandhttp://fallenlondon.wikia.com/wiki/Give_a_Gift!_A_commotion_in_the_Square_of_Lofty_Words (with Hedonist >= 8)[/quote
I’m well aware of that latter card, although i seem to be using it to send my friends gifts in exchange for menace reduction rather than getting notes. And it’s still kind of uncommon. Are those two cards all there are?

oh, i thought that you needed it for the wicket

If the issue with Shadowy is RP, I’d say that Fallen London is fairly flexible in allowing different approaches to things. Sometimes stealth and subterfuge are necessary for the morally &quotbest&quot outcome. I know several of the shadowy Making Your Name stages have story options for turning in other criminals, solving elaborate crimes, that sort of thing.

The Society to MW option is incredibly inefficient; side-converting tier 3 items would be substantially faster.
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I’m inclined to agree. The game isn’t intended to be played like a race towards some kind of imaginary finish line, after all. :-)

Heck, at 69 base Shadowy, you’re still low enough to gain weekly stat boosts from the training professions you can get at the very beginning of the game! (Until the appropriate stat hits 70, anyway.)

Do you need to become a Correspondent immediately for something specific? If not, ensure you have enough Making Waves to maintain your Notability when Time the Healer rolls around, and don’t worry about power-levelling Notability.

You could use the social action to Invite someone to a spot of Suspicious Loitering, then Discuss philosophy whilst taking the air (under The Life Of The Mind, in the Empress’ Court) two times to make up for the lost Making Waves.
(Note: I’d advise against rapidly alternating between the two, mainly because travelling to the Empress’ Court takes an additional action. Maybe aim for 6:12 actions of Loitering:Philosophy for 19 actions total, and then use up all your HSWN on the actions which require them before repeating the cycle again. That’s what I’d do, anyway.)

if you aren’t going for the 4-card logings this christmas, i’d not rush too much. For second chances in general, choosing the church on the church vs. great game returns 1 second chance of each type- inefficient for raising any one stat, but amazing for raising all four.

There’s also a hedonist 8 option on give a gift that does the same, and both are very useful for shadowy boosts.

The option on the criminals connection card pays out large sums of shadowy CP for a few favors (50 for 3 if under 71 shadowy, 109 for 5 if over 71 shadowy), but since you’re trying to be morally upright, that’s not really an option except through the repentant forger. (or saving the hacking footpad from jack, but that requires an annoyance to jack of smiles, which is hard to get, and doesn’t pay out a favor reliably anyways.)

Running the rooftops with urchins while under 70 will return 6 points shadowy, while the option over 70 shadowy will return 10 cp, which isn’t bad, nor morally dubious.
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