Has there been any hint as to who my main's Judgement benefactor is? (EVOLUTION SPOILERS)

Specifically, this charming blue giant:

I almost don’t want there to be, because this way I can just imagine said Judgement as the theoretical ideal of a Judgement, which also doubles as a perfect one-to-one stand-in for the Abrahamic God or maybe one of the more bombastic Archangels.

But I’m curious if either Sunless Skies or the more recent exceptional stories (neither of which I’ve gone through) actually give out more info on Big Blue up there.

EDIT: I realize benefactor is probably a generous term. Liege would be more correct. And as a side note? How hilarious is it that this ending is tantamount to snitching on the entire setting including the Sun in the sky, and the ground beneath our feet?

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We can’t know for sure that this is the star you interact with. But if it’s anyone we know, it’s him.

By the way, I must really recommend Sunless Skies. This great game brought me to Sunless Sea, and Sunless Sea brought me to Fallen London.


“Only those who have passed Death’s Door can see him in his full, terrifying glory.”

The fact that I’m peeping on him so successfully suggests it’s not the recluse in question. lol

But it’s good to know there’s at least a suspect, if not one that seems all that strong.

… or maybe you’re just not seeing him in his full?

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If you’re a Judgement so reclusive that your own kingdom has no meaningful concept of day or night, and someone three kingdoms over manages to get a good look at you showering?

That suggests an absurd degree of success as a Ratter on my part. With zero encouragement or help.

But since finding a Judgement that doesn’t want to be found by chance seems like an impossibility for a rando in another zip code?

I can only assume the Judgement I’m looking at isn’t hiding. Just far away.

… to me this reads fairly similar to the experience described by you. and
maybe the entity is in fact simply reclusive but not hiding - or at least not from you?

… but in the end it seems to be another case of semantics/bias, and I honestly have no strong opinion. so who knows …

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The only other judgement I can think of that would fit is the judgement that the Sun fell in love with. We know almost nothing about her, other than that she is admirable, powerful, or prestigious enough for the Sun to be in love with her. And that she does not care about the Sun.

She is referenced briefly in the play - the Seventh Letter, though her name is explicitly not given, as the messenger does not want to mention it.

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Huh… I just now realized the possibility that the Sun’s unrequited crush and the White were one and the same Judgement, but it would actually make a lot of sense.

Have you seen the sky from outside of a city? There are so many stars. So, so many. Any given Judgement is very unlikely to be one that you’ve heard of before


Oh yeah, that could definitely be the Sapphir’d King.

The law of the Great Chain in all it’s joyless, hypocritical tyranny.
PvP addict him and his court ordered the deaths of at least 2 other stars in Sunless Skies
Expansionist. Explicitly has had an eye on London for a while. Also in Sunless Skies, apart from the telescope thing if you talk to his daughter she directly expresses an interest in setting up an embassy for the Blue Kingdom in London. It’s heavily implied given sparks of blue can show up there, that this is in some sense an attempt to metaphysically expand his authority beyond his current borders

I mean, it COULD be another Judgement statistically speaking but space being big is also unlikely THAT many different stars are invested in Earth. It could also be the White though, with it’s themes of finality, interest in London it too has an interest in courting London’s favour, should the Sapphir’d King come to an untimely end and suspicion of sunlight.

I rather doubt it, though. Based on Alexis’ thoughts before leaving the company and certain hidden knowledge about Seeking and choosing Hate the White being brought evidence about irregularity in the Sun’s domain would result in a rather…shorter and more violent future.

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That’s the interpretation I’m choosing to roll with, because the Sapphir’d King is too much of a caricature.

(And it’s not like FBG is known for their faithfulness to Alexis’ vision. It wouldn’t be even slightly surprising if they re-wrote the White after his exeunt.)

That’s my second favourite interpretation, as hinted at in my reluctance to even ask the question at all.