Has anyone seen Mt Nomad?

I’m close to completing the Father’s Bones storyline after playing until my eyes burn for two days. :: I just need Mount Nomad’s heart and the miracle of science, which Is the Memento Mori that I hope to kill it with. But I don;t think I’ve seen it since the release version came out. I’ve spend hours hunting around Avid Horizon and the eastern edge of the map. I think It shows up around the Chelonate on occasion? Is there some place else I should be looking? Is it bugged? Help!
edited by Rilauven on 2/9/2015

Yes I’ve seen it pretty regularly when I visit Void’s approach.

(I don’t think it’ll spawn in the tile if you’re in the tile at the time though so you might need to leave and come back?)

Yes I’ve got it up by the Chapel of Lights.

I haven’t found Aestival yet on this captain but it sometimes hangs around there.