Hard Backed Labor Sources

Is grinding for Hard Backed Labor in the Clay Quarters faster than grinding for it in Wilmot’s end? I have heard that Wilmot’s end is the place to be for most PoSI items, but when grinding (pre-PoSI) it seemed like the Clay Quarters was much easier/faster.

Clay Quarter’s requires
200 moon pearls
200 Rostygold
7Compromising Documents
and 1 Identity uncovered

Grinding for those items seems so much easier as a PoSI than playing War of Assasins for dramatic tension to trade in in Wilmot’s End. (Or am I just imagining things?)

The Widows/Docks conflict card is quite good.

Get Connected: Docks and Widow to 30, then side with the Docks for 4 Hard-Earned Labours in their conflict card.

This consume 500 CP of Widow, which cost exactly 50 Actions… but comes with 1800 Jade Fragment, one Bundle of Oddities from the card, and 50 CP of Docks (uncapped).

Yes, it need a card, but you probably will draw another one in the meantime, given it takes 50 actions!
edited by Estelle Knoht on 7/6/2015

Wow! Didn’t even know such a card existed! Thank you!

Any advice on how to get docks up so high? I’ve not found an easy boost for connected: docks.

If you have a Pewter Tankard you can get Docks to 20 or so. After that you will probably need cards - the Dock connection card or the Dock/Urchins card. You could try flipping cards at the Docks - hope for Wolfstack in the Fog and a huddled form. Either of the options from there raise Docks.

If you aren’t banished from Court A Patriotic Adventure or a Newly Arranged Folk Song.
If you have a ship there is an option at the end of the Mutton Island Carousel you can rescue the crew (I think that caps at 30)

Once you have Docks/Widow to 30 siding with them against the Widow gives some Docks as well as the Strong Backed Labour.

Thank you!

Siding with the Docks on the Widow/Docks card gives 4 SBL as well. It might be worth doing both if you are looking for a lot of supplies reasonably quickly as Wilmot’s End isn’t card dependent. It does depend on your stats though and you have to be pretty high level to even get into Wilmot’s End.