Happily engaged!

After not logging in for a week, I am pleasantly surprised to receive a proposal from Urizendor and is now engaged!

Any advices on wedding preparation?Both us have low stats and are generally unimportant.

Well, low stats will make grinding for most of the items to fuel it difficult, but not being a POSI means that there’s no penalty for you choosing an option that would hit your Notability (on the other hand, if you want a leg up, this is a way to get your first point without relying on the RNG).

More options open on the actual wedding, though, the more prep you do. That includes invites to other players. Just keep that in mind, and discuss with Uzi how high you want to shoot.

Congratulations! You should probably talk to your partner first to decide on how big you want for the wedding first and who to do the grinding.

I assume he/she/it has marvelous facial hair given your tastes?

The most cost-effective ways are to spend your Church connection or Rats. They give nearly double the progress at half the money.

also, engagement gives you storylets where marriage does not, so if you enjoy those it might be better to plan for a long engagement. on the other hand, marriage gives you a point of notability and respected.

Felicitations! I too am betrothed - and expect to be married very soon, in fact. The wedding prep is quite good fun, in a tedious and frustrating sort of way (and you can pass it between you, so it doesn’t get too overwhelming), and there is some delicious writing.

You technically can get notability from marriages even if you’re not a POSI, but there’s still little point to it. (The first couple notability points are pretty trivial to get, eventually)

If you want the wedding guests (most of which are just little bits of possible lore, though, and don’t really provide any rewards) you’ll need a bigger wedding.

If you don’t care about either, then just do a cheap wedding. Or wait since then you can keep going on dates.
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