Am i missing a patch or something of the sort, or is Skies just a tad… unfinished?

  • Some quests don’t get marked &quotcompleted&quot even after indicating that there’s nothing else you can do about them.
  • The spirifer from Carillon wants to go to the WoW. Once there - i have no option of letting him off, unlike Patchy & Absty.
  • A[color=#ffff99]n unfortunate misclick in the Blue Kingdom caused me to lose my status, after making a lot of progress already. How irreversible is this meant to be? The path to gaining a status, that i took originally on arrival, no longer seems to exist. Is my current captain just locked out of BK progress now?[/color]
    [color=#ffff99]* My previous captains used the raveling jack extensively. My current one was never given a chance to rent one, even after running multiple horological errands. Why?[/color]
  • Failure to create crew at the Forge, somehow caused 18 of my crewmembers to vanish. I saw no in-story explanation to that. Huh?
  • Perhaps worst of all, it seems like time doesn’t pass in London, Winch and SkyBar. I can never recruit crew there, always seeing the &quotevery 15 days&quot line, no matter how many weeks and months pass.
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You can gain back your status in the Blue Kingdom. Being lost in the bureaucratic nightmare is kind of the point. Check the wiki as a last resort.

Does your new captain have a raveling jack in the bank, perhaps?

Nope, no jack in the bank. But turns out i had to fall into a weft once, before the option became available. So that one’s resolved now.
I’ll give BK another try, thanks!

The other four topics remain, though. :={

Yet another BK bug:

  • in the &quotCorruption at Court&quot quest, you’re told to meet the Ombudsman at the Forge. There’s not trace of the b____r there, no matter how many times i return, what my status is, et c.