Hallowmas: Disappearing requests to confess

Do you have over 50 queued requests? I’ve noticed that I can only see 50 of my incoming requests at a time.

This is so. It, unfortunately means that some of those who sent you your first requests may have t be the last ones answered.

This is one of the items in my FAQ on the confessions master post actually. Thinking on it, I knew what happened when you get 50+ queued requests, but I doubted many had that experience prior to this event. And that’s why its in my FAQ. Although I think I said ~60. It’s a rough number. It may be different even if you check StoryNexus : World not Found vs your message tab, but its one of those things I haven’t bothered to count in a long time.

Ooh… In that case, I apologise for anyone I’ve spammed - I tried sending a message to someone to let them know I couldn’t send a confession request in return (they didn’t have menaces high enough) but it didn’t seem to appear on my Messages tab at the time.