Guide to easy echoes

This is my guide to earning easy echoes.

SPOILER WARNING: This guide may contain spoilers. Obviously this guide will also have you rolling in echoes, which may spoil the game for some players.

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]1: Purchase a ship with a large hull capacity. This should be your first major purchase. You’ll have to turn in a lot of port reports, run stone from the Salt Lions, and/or run clay men from Polythreme to get enough echoes for your upgrade.[/color]
2: Now that you’ve upgraded your ship (I prefer the merchant cruiser), you can now s[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]ail to The Cumaean Canal and choose the option to visit the surface. Visit naples and load up on cheap supplies. They only cost 5 each, and can be sold at Gaider’s Mourn for 20. Expect about 1000-1300 echoes in profit each run.[/color]

[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]3: As soon as you can afford to, fill your hull with as many mirrorcatch boxes as you can (purchased for 250 each at Khans shadow). Like before,[/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)] sail to The Cumaean Canal and choose the option to visit the surface. Once here, fill your boxes with sunlight. Return below. Now s[/color][color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]ail to the Island of Cats and sell your light for ABSURD profits. With a large hull, you can expect to make around 34,000 echoes per trip. That’s right, 34 THOUSAND! *Tip: You can maximize profits by having many Veils.[/color]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)]
[color=rgb(194, 194, 194)] With all this cheddar, you can now afford anything and everything you want. Enjoy =)[/color]

ArtMoney - Articles (don’t mind the -ru you don’t need to know Russian for that site) (there maybe better options, but this one is easy and free)

I think this beats your guide. AND it works for almost every SP game.

But that’d be a contradiction! How am I supposed to enjoy the game if I’m breaking it’s core mechanic?
Ok, whatever, don’t mind me, continue.

Sorry about the rant… It’s not that I’m so strongly against this exploit. It is, after all, an easy to avoid exploit. It’s just that it bothers me how many people jump the ship with this. YES you can gain lots of (ch)easy money. But you don’t HAVE to, and if you don’t want to play by the game’s rules (or rather in the spirit of the rest of it’s rules, if you have to cling to words), you might as well use a third-party cheating software. That’d be easier both to do and to write a guide for.

I wish this exploit would get buried and forgotten. It’s especially frustrating to see people who haven’t seen the rest of the game’s economy upclose calling the game’s economy a failure just because there’s an easy to avoid way to ruin it FOR YOURSELF.


Its worth noting that they are in the process of nerfing the sunlight trade, so if you try doing this a few days from now it is unlikely to end well. :P