Grinding Whispered Hints?

I’m trying to save up for a Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar - any tips on grinding for Whispered Hints? There’s an action that will give me 100 Whispered Hints for 25 Cryptic Clues in the Investigations in the University storyline… but I’d like to close that storyline out. Are there any other good grinding opportunities, or is this it?

You can get the Lodging more cheaply if you wait until you’re a POSI and get access to the 50 Bazaar Permit option within the Bazaar Side-streets. Or, if you’ve already amassed quite a few Whispered Hints, you could grind Deep Amber in Mahogany Hall and trade it to the Tiger Keeper. Grinding jade through Watchmaker’s Hill for the same trade is slightly faster, but requires you to be a POSI.

In similar vein to the Clues to Hints action you mention, PoSIs can visit Ladybones Road and trade in individual Appalling Secrets for randomly between 1 and 200 Hints. However at that point it’s much more effective to just steal lots of permits in the Flit for the option Sara mentioned.