Grinding Stolen Correspondence

Where’s the best place to grind this item? I can’t recall any places off-hand that give it reliably. I’m attempting to create Strong-Backed Labor so I can acquire the Clay Sedan Chair. If there’s a better way to do so, I’d like to know that as well.

It takes two actions, but as a relatively new Person of Some Importance, I go to take care of Unfinished Business in Spite and ambush couriers. Every now and then, when I’m grinding Strong-Backed Labor, there are days when I’m pretty sure none of London’s correspondence gets delivered, not even touching love stories. (Or at least, none sent via couriers foolish enough to go through Spite.)
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Another way to grind strong-backed labor is the “Missing Woman” sequence in Wilmot’s End. That takes, I think, 33 actions for one strong-backed labor, after an initial investment of 11 actions for your first point of Dramatic Tension.

I don’t know how many actions it takes to get the items you need to buy it via the sidestreets.

While it might be the easiest way to farm gossip( and love stories are nice too) acquiring the documents is better achieved via the use of foreign office, namely ‘the devout intriguer’s itineary’ option which grands you 36 at about… 14 actions per cycle.

Do you still have access to the Empress’ Court romantic options? I hoarded a lot of Correspondence while courting the Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty; both the Write a Letter and the Attend a Dance from “Attend to matters of romance” grant 18 Stolen Correspondence and three points of Fascinating… - permitting you to hoard Correspondence and advance in the storylet at the same time ^^

Thanks for the help! Streetfelineblue, would I have that option again in court if I sold my Memento of Passion?

Yes, the Memento of Passion actually LOCKS romantic options until you decide to auction it out, meaning you decided to forget the whol affair! (I personally treasure mine, as it was obtained in the most exciting and scandalous way possible… Double precious as I missed my opportunity at a threesome before this one ^^)

Hm, something to think about. Thanks again!

‘The Life Of The Mind’ is a better path - it’s not story-linked so it’s spammable for the entire time you’re welcome in the Court, Take the &quotDiscuss The Arts At A Tea Party&quot option (Persuasive 108 for Very Modest, Straightforward at 152), for a hoard of 16 Correspondence, 11 Jade Fragments and 1CP of Making Waves.

The other two options are grinders for 20 Proscribed Material (‘Discuss Politics At A Salon’, also grants 2 Prisoner’s Honey and 1CP of MW) and 47 Prisoner’s Honey (‘Discuss Philosophy while talking to the air’, also gives 1CP of MW).

tl;dr - If you’ve got turns burning a hole in your pocket, &quotThe Life Of The Mind&quot is sweet as a nut.

What is it with all the thread necromancy recently? This thread dates back to 2012, for Pete’s sake.

If this thread has already parted with the boatman I’d like to ask if anyone knows whether raiding the dutchess chambers is actually more effective then ambushing couriers in the Unfinished Business in Spite storylet.

You need 14 Casing to rob the Duchess safely - that’s 35 actions for regular grinding or 30 actions with Gang of Hoodlums. That’s about 10 Stolen Correspondence per action.

Spite action is 20sc/per action on success and slightly less on a rare success, but you get a more expensive item to compensate.

Thank you.
I totally forgot about that.
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