Grinding Society early on

I’m stuck in this weird place where I need society connections to progress to be able to use many of my opportunity cards, and I need society to progress in making a name signed with a flourish, but the only way I can get society gains is by opportunity cards(as far as I can tell), and the rng on my opp cards for society gain seems to be much the same as the coming of Zalgo or Dread Cthulhu, which is funny since I would expect them to be more commonly rising down here on the shores of the Unterzee but anyway, none of those three things are gracing me with their presence. Any suggestions other than just spending the 30 echoes on an entry in slowcakes? That would get me where I need to be right now I believe but currently it takes me about a day to grind out 30 echoes.


Where are you up to? If you have access to the Shuttered Palace, then you can grind it easily, but prior to that you’re mostly dependent on cards, in which case the best approach would be to raise your connected: tomb colonists and side with society on the ‘going gentle’ conflict card, which crops up pretty often if you meet the requirements.
edited by Màiread on 11/11/2015

May I assume from your, ah, recent… business with the curate and his sister that your Name Signed with a Flourish quality is 3? At this stage, there are several storylets in Veilgarden that will improve your societal connections - for instance:’_favour

Oh good catch Zareen! I really must go back and explore the early stuff again.

I would’ve forgotten too if I wasn’t exploring them with a few alts, Màiread. :)

Yeah, the Seamstress in Vielgarden will get you where you want to go, as Zareen says. You’ll need Society to make it to the Ball.

– Mal

Perfect thank you all, I was lost because everyone says goto the shuttered palace but I wasn’t having much luck when I looked there. The seamstress is working excellent!


It looks like the shuttered palace option now unlocks at making your name 4. Should you need it, you want to ‘attend the duchess’s salon’ and be erudite.