Grinding Shadowy

What’s the best way for me to level my shadowy from 90-100? Mahogany Hall? Couriers? Heists?[li]

If your primary focus is just to get shadowy to 100 as soon as possible, I’d recommend heists. Try to find a way to grind casing with 90% chance of success, and then sell that casing to a colleague. You get connected:criminals and 10cp of shadowy for every 10cp of casing.

You don’t get any material reward directly, but there’s a card that turns up in the flit that lets you trade the connected:criminal that you’ve just ground for moon pearls. May not be the best cash method, but it should be pretty fast without the annoyance in cashing in second chances.

Will a 100% chance work instead?

Mahogany Hall offers the least amount of risk in grinds (you’ll increase your Plagued by a Popular Song instead of Suspicion, and assuming you keep your Suspicion low and have lots of weasels, you can keep going for quite a while). Personally, though, I used “Preparing for a Big Score” while grinding for Brilliant Souls, Antique Mysteries, and Bazaar Permits for the 4-card Lodgings, and it served me pretty well.

An other option is to grind for hastily written notes and using them to improve your shadowyness.

Be careful! It will take out making waves and connected : Society both from you and your partner in crime.

100% challenges only give one 1cp. 90% gives 2cp’s (I think) so it’s twice as quick to grind with that bit of risk.


So I tried warning notes and my god, those things are effective. Thanks for the help, everybody