Grinding Secrets

Any better way than to hunt the lorn fluke?

Station III is good for quite a few if you pick the right storylet options.

Dissect Western Angler Crabs instead of butchering them. Generally a good chunk of fragments. You also get a Hunting Trophy that way.

Unfortunately, the Acolyte left.

Apparently grinding chess in Port Cecil is very effective . .if you ever get the option.

Yea. Sadly I have not gotten that option in literally days of playing. By the by, does anyone know what “a phantasmal encounter” does? You get it in venderbright, when you have “In the footsteps of the fingerking” or something like that.

Yet I haven’t found anything being triggered by the “phantasmal encounter”.
About the chess: once you get the Principled Competition quality, once you have won a match of chess, can you get chess again?
I haven’t got the option to play chess since I won those matches.

It’s too random ATM. Alexis said they will fix chess in the next version to be more readily available. I think after 20 games of chess (i.e. every 20 gains of Principled Competition) you get 1 Secret.

That’s not quite how the chess thing works. When I played it I got a hot streak.

See, every game of chess that you win gives you 1 Pages…and at about 80 pages you have a 100% chance to win the game…and you can play until you lose.

So what was happening for me when I played ~300 games in a row was that there were 2 “win” options. One was a “disciplined victory” where you got 1 page (up to 100), and a random number of Fragments (sometimes up to 250, averaging about 100), and 1 Principled Competition. The other victory option was “Another game…” where you got 1 page (up to 100), 1 Secret, and 2 Principled Competition.

I maxed out Pages, Veils, and Mirrors before the game crashed on me. I’d been saving every 10 games or so, but even when I reloaded the option was locked.

Haha same thing happened to me. I think once you approach 200 Secrets the game crashes and locks you out of that option, A failsafe to keep players from breaking the game perhaps?

I have the opposite problem: I gained a grand total of 2 Principled Competition before being locked out of the chess scene forever since.

My current theory is that the players at Port Cecil are extremely sore losers.

Killing mid-tier nasties like Unfinished Pirates, Bound Sharks, and the odd Lifeburg (if it doesn’t kill you) will often net you some good things. Bad luck will end you pretty fast in a mere steamer, however. There are a few ashore events that will net a pretty number of fragments as well.
Sadly, the problem is that, maybe barring the only cook I’ve ever found and never recruited, there’s no way to improve your Pages score. If I was going to inherit anything, that would probably be it.
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There is going to be much wailing and gnashing of teeth when they cap the pages/secret gain from playing chess.
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I mean, I think capping the potential winrate for chess at 75% would probably solve the issue.

As it is, I don’t feel any guilt about exploiting chess because there aren’t really any other options for getting enough Secrets to advance at a meaningful pace. Like, if I put 20 hours into the game, I should be able to fight against more enemies than I could at the start of the game - except you need high Mirrors, Veils, and Iron to be able to effectively fight. Grinding all three of those is just a pain in the ass.

There are a couple of compound flaws with the chess situation, the biggest one being its easy exploitability with the savegame mechanism. To really fix it they’d have to have the game autosave when you leave port . .

Beyond that though it’s just too rare a spawn and too wild a reward if you gimmick it “correctly.” AS it is right now it’s just a big red button screaming “please exploit me” and the whole mechanic needs re-design.