Grinding for lamplighter's beeswax

I need lamplighter’s beeswax for quite a few things at the moment, and I’m just wondering if anyone has any tips on where I am most likely to find it?
Thank you.

It does depend on your level but one that is available for everyone is the Department of Menace in Watchmaker’s Hill. The Chandleress’s Complaint - Light a Candle and Wait. Exact numbers depend on your Dangerous level.

If your Dangerous is too low to make the chandler’s cottage a good option, and if you can get your Shadowy within the 29-43 range, I recommend “Pick pockets at a ring fight” in Spite, since that gives a Bundle of Oddities filled with 1-160 Lamplighter’s Beeswax. Which on average is as much as you’d get with Dangerous 125 in the chandler’s cottage.

I can never remember which Bundles of Oddities come from which action and that one is very low level. Another option is item conversion as Trade Jade for Relics gives 30 Lamplighter’s Beeswax if you are lucky and have the Jade.

If your dangerous is less than 175, then the “a lovely thought” storylet under “unfinished business in ladybones road” is quite good, assuming you are a POSI. It will give you 100 beeswax a go if you can pass a level 100 watchful challenge.

Well I looked at the OP’s profile and it looks like they are a mid-level player, as they definitely have access to the University but don’t look like POSI yet.

Also, you could check the Lamplighter Beeswax Sources in the wiki. It can take a while to look through all the actions and find those that are appropriate for your level, but at least the list is usually pretty exhaustive.
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Thank you all so much, this is really helpful :) and Lady Circe you are right, I am not POSI yet. But one day I’ll get there…
Again, thank you

POSI is a huge step forward in the game, but well worth keeping as a far away target for now.

Interestingly, if tangentially, I have now eaten breakfast alone enough times (via “A Lovely Thought”) to drive myself thoroughly mad. Given that I generally breakfast alone when not in the Neath, this is somewhat concerning for me

With my stats where they are now, I do not expect to be POSI for a good long while…