Grinding for bejewelled lens?

They seem to be absurdly expensive. Do they want to force us to pay for a zubmarine with real money? Please, tell me how I can get the lens the quickest! I need 7.

Depending on where you are in your development, this can take quite a while.
Which part are you having most trouble with?

A newspaper helps with the plaques.
Pearls are quite common, especially in the Labyrinth.
Diamonds will pop up from time to time, but the wiki has some hints at how - some of the forgotten quarter expeditions or flit heists might be the most grindable.

Very long grinds are a recurring feature of this game, so if you want a zub, gird yourself with patience - this isn’t the longest project by far.

Hmm. I did it, but I was greatly helped by Mr Chimes clearing out. The diamonds were definitely the hard part for me. I got the rusty tramp so I could still go to zee while I was working on it.

Long grinds are for sure a thing. My approach is generally to intersperse grinding with exploration.

Plaques are most difficult to find. I am a PoSI.

You can directly side-convert Journals of Infamy to Plaques. As Gangvann mentioned, going to Doubt Street and publishing newspapers is the easiest way to get Journals of Infamy, if you don’t have enough right now. You should be able to get the necessary amount of Plaques pretty quickly this way.

Getting a zubmarine in general is much easier now, since Whirring Contraptions are 6 times faster to get than before.
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This, expensive? Ah, to be young…

I also need 7777 pennies. How do I get them? The grinding page on the wiki seems to confuse them with echoes!?

An echo is 100 pennies.

1 echo = 100 pennies. Think dollar and cents, or pounds and pence.

1 echo = 100 pennies. Think dollar and cents, or pounds and pence.[/quote]

Thank you! I wasn’t seeing the forest for the trees!