Grinding Echos, the easy way...

Alright since most of the info on the net is are already outdate/fakenews, do you guys know good ways to farm echoes. Pre-POSI.
any good suggestions are welcome. Thnx

P.S: By the way please include how much of a skill is required for a nice grind.
Oh & Romantic Notions!!! any good place to farm these bad boys?

I’ll tell you one thing–for the next month while the story is around, if you click on the cat icon to start the story, even if you aren’t an exceptional friend, just click away on “Feed the Bats” under the Season of Adoration, and get 5 romantic notions for 2 pennies each.

If you’re not yet a PoSI, the best way to get money is just to play the stories available to you and level up.

When I was pre-posi I found cycling through the university to be good money-making as it gets you quite a lot of cryptic clues, if you don’t need em for anything

Pre-POSI covers a lot of ground. Obviously a brand-new character has almost no options; someone with maxed stats who’s refusing to become a POSI out of cantankerousness has a lot of options. What stats are you working with?