Grinding Dangerous 160+

So I’ve got about 164 for my Dangerous Score, unbuffed, and I was wondering what my options were for pumping those numbers a bit (Those are rookie numbers after all).

I vaguely remember hearing that doing the War of Assassins is a good way to level, though I suppose I ought to take my Dangerous kit off for that if I want to level it up.

Anyway, any suggestions?

War of Assassins, yeah. If you haven’t gone through the Labyrinth of Tigers yet, then on the 3rd coil, you can Deal with Mirror Smugglers up to 7 The Hunt is On, then kill a Marsh Wolf in Watchmaker’s Hill for good profit. One of the better grinds in the game, though once you go on to the 4th coil it’s permanently unavailable.

Any high-level Dangerous challenges are a good way to level, and the War of Assassins is one of the most profitable options. (You can cash in Dramatic Tension for Collections of Curiosities, then cash those in for profit on the Tomb-Colonists card with Favours.) Exactly how many CP you gain in a stat from challenges depends on the success rate. One of the best methods is to adjust your equipment to constantly stay at a 90% success rate, as you get 2 CP on success there but only 1 CP from 91% and up.

For grinds: War of Assassins, and the Velocipede Squad. I do not recommend getting Collections of Curiosities from the War of Assassins, because it requires Tomb-Colonist Favors.

The other good source of Dangerous is Tomb-Colonist and Docks favors. On the relevant faction cards, you can cash in five favors for over 100 CP of stats. You can’t grind favors directly (Jenny’s School is counterproductive for this purpose), but in the time it takes to grind 40 levels you will definitely accumulate them from cards, and it can be done in parallel with grinds. Prioritizing your favors for that purpose will definitely net you several levels.

I don’t think anything else in the war of assassins is nearly as profitable as the collection of curiosities. It’s worth 60 something, and the next most profitable one is the 3 bazaar permits (I think, could be wrong) which is only 36 or so.

Favors are definitely best spent on turning in Collections if you have them. The Tomb Colonies/Society conflict card is definitely profitable, but not as much as collections. I certainly wouldn’t use War of Assassins to keep getting Collections if I ran out, but that’s because I have better base grinds available.

Well, let’s do some back-of-the-envelope calculations.

Five Tomb-Colonist Favors are worth 109 CP Dangerous, so each one is worth about 22. Turning in a Collection requires spending one, and the opportunity cost of gaining another, so that’s 44 CP Dangerous.

For 33 Successes at a Dangerous challenge, plus 1 draw of the Tomb-Colonist Card, plus one other Tomb-Colonist favor, plus 1-3 actions for turn-ins, you can get your choice of the following:

  • 62.5 Echoes via Collection of Curiosities[/li][li]37.5 Echoes plus 44 CP Dangerous via Bazaar Permits[/li][li]43.6 Echoes plus 44 CP Dangerous via Velocipede Squad (33 successes @18.5 Echoes per 14 Successes)

It seems that Bazaar Permits are strictly dominated by the Velocipede Squad. The trade-off between Collection of Curiosities and Velocipede Squad is 19 Echoes vs 44 CP of Dangerous, which is well within the realm of personal preference. Do you want to make a bit of money while you grind your stats, or do you want to grind your stats a bit while you make money?

I was speaking from an entirely monetary standpoint, but thanks for the math!
Although my current grind is the fidgeting writer, so I get no stats. Yay. If I’m lucky, I’ll actually get some souls out of it, but at the rate I’m going, I may not. :p

If you’re a spirifer, the TC/Society conflict card is a much better use of favours than grinding Collections through WoA, iirc. Spirifage is pretty close in EPA to the WoA grind, so the much higher EPA of conflict cards spread over a small number of actions is more profitable than the slightly higher EPA of WoA over many actions. The AotB grind’s EPA is enough lower than the WoA grind for the larger number of actions to be more profitable than conflict cards.
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So, someone more experienced correct me if I’m wrong: if all you want is to max out your Dangerous stat, isn’t Sparring (using Strength of Scars every five bouts or so) the most efficient way to do it? You can still use cards for Docks, Tomb-Colonies, Anarchists, and the Basalt Gymnasium at the same rate.

It doesn’t give any material rewards at all, of course. But I figure that’s the trade-off if all you want is to increase your stat in the quickest way.

Yeah, the Second Chances social actions are the fastest (non-card) method of stat gain. Even if you won every single sparring match, thus only getting one Hard-Earned Lesson each time, that would be approximately 5 CP Dangerous per action. The problem is that not every player has alts, and the social actions have caps on Second Chances, so they need proper timing.

Right. I think the Second Chances cap at 11 for victories. You’d either have to be doing it with alts or coordinating carefully with other players. And not everyone wants to bother with such things.

Up to 12 if I’m right, but even with 11 is easy and doesn’t really require timing. Talk with your partner to do the following:

  1. both of you have 4 or less second chances
  2. only one of you send 4 battles
  3. partner accepts, uses the SC, send 4 more battles (this order)
  4. repeat step 3
    Step 3 acts like a flag; if you send the invitations means you used those SC and none will be wasted.
    Worst case: you are left with 4 SC, partner accepts all 4. You lost 3, get to 10, win the last and get to 11. Loosing all 4 doesn’t matter as it’s capped at 22-23.