Grinding Bazaar Permits

For reasons I’ll keep to myself, I am trying to grind 50 Bazaar permit and am trying to find the fastest route to do so.

For reference, I have Shadowy 95, Persuasive 93, Dangerous 85 and Persuasive 93. I also have A Name Whispered in Darkness 6, A Name Scrawled in Blood 5, A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 5, and A Name Signed With a Flourish 5.

What’s the fastest method for me?

Considering that you are not a POSI yet, your options are a bit limited right now. You could convert 25 Touching Love Stories into 5 Bazaar Permits, though you will also need a Bohemian Favour. Another option is to conduct a heist and break into the offices of Baseborn and Fowlingpiece. There, if you manage to obtain The Burglar’s Progress 7, an option will unlock, allowing you to steal 2 Bazaar Permits. The last option is to raising your casing to 10, which will unlock Thefts of a Particular Character which grants you an option to obtain 1 Bazaar Permit.

Of course, considering your stats, you may soon find yourself becoming a POSI, which unlocks additional options. You could head to the Bazaar Side Streets and call at the offices of Baseborn and Fowlingpiece, where you can legally obtain 1 Bazaar Permit at the cost of 10 Visions of the Surface and 100 Romantic Notions. Another option is via the War of the Assassins. If you choose your rival to be a Rival in Power, and then, via the War of the Assassins carousel, obtain Dramatic Tension 2, you can demand tribute and obtain 3 Bazaar Permits.

Also, as a side note, you may find it easier to obtain the answers you want via the Weekly Fallen London Questions.
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If I recall correctly, Permits are best obtained through Thefts of a Particular Character. If this isn’t the case, then I’ve been doing it all wrong myself, so please correct me.

On the other hand, becoming a PoSI is still useful, as it unlocks additional options for obtaining Casing (one for just being PoSI, and an even better one for additionally having obtained a Gang of Hoodlum) which significantly improve the grind, bringing it into viable very-long-term grinding territory (~1.406 EPA, with the benefit of being able to empty a candle in four “actions”/clicks).

Without the PoSI options, you can get the same Casing/Action as the non-GoH option but you have to pass a Shadowy check which only becomes 100% at 134 Shadowy. For now, Formulate a Plan is optimal for maximising Casing gain (The Decoy is very slightly more profitable due to the additional Bundle of Oddities reward, but the punishment for failure is a lot harsher, which completely negates the advantage at lower Shadowy).

I do apologize. I had forgotten that I have reached POSI state through equipment, which has since been sold. The Permits thus far gained were through the Thefts of Particular Character. I was hoping that there was a faster method than that which is also cheaper than the Bazaar Sidestreets.
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Ah, if you’re a PoSI then Thefts are your best bet. Long-term, Gang of Hoodlums is a good thing to aim for, because those Thefts are the best source for almost every item they offer, and those are useful for a lot of things (off the top of my head, stealing Tales of Terror is the standard way to top up the side-conversion grind for making waves, and several of the options are useful for the Fidgeting Writer storyline).

Most of the so-called “PoSI crafting” items (Permits, Cellars of Wine, Whirring Contraptions, Bejewelled Lenses…) are notoriously hard to get relative to their monetary worth, and a rate of 1.4EPA with a GoH makes the Permits one of the easier items.

Well, the most efficient way to gain bazaar permits is fascinating… in polythreme, but it comes at some hefty requirements to be viable: five-card lodgings, high shadowy and persuasive 200. For your case, since you are a POSI, I’d recommend gettign a gang of Hoodlums (not particularly difficult to get through FWoA) and then do Thefts, as others have recommended already.