Grinding and The Exceptional Rose

Firstly, yes, there’s story everywhere. Try everything. Possibly even fail everything, and if you get a rare and see something more, call yourself lucky. Because so many events are based on Airs of London, it’s hard to be sure you’ve seen everything, things grow confusing.

That said, grinding?

Yes, you want to grind up enough supplies from outside to give away gifts. (don’t ask me how, I don’t know)
Yes, you want to grind the card until it takes you to level 20 masking. (Don’t ask me what to pick in the options, likewise I don’t know)

Once those things are done, what advantage can one wring from this event? Are there rare rewards that are worth chasing, no matter how many times you fail? Is there a weather I should use the mantlepiece trick on, get it to an exact number then flip the card or enter a location, because it’s more worthwhile then the random options?

In short, what am I doing here, and why can’t I shake the thought that there’s things I could be better doing?

There are a couple options that are nice - I’m a big fan of the lover’s tryst, since hanging out by the silver fountain gets you both Masquing and 5 echoes of stuff. Be sure to hang out with the Captivating Princess if you haven’t already - it provides a Dreadful Surmise.

Silver Fountain accessed from where? Card with the right Airs?

Yep, from the lover’s tryst option.

I know some of the carnival options give masquing on a rare success

It’s really easy to get to 20 Masquing just from flipping the card–which I totally appreciate!–I’ve done it already. After that you can only use 10 points on gifts, anyway (just don’t use Appalling Secrets).
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arrrr… lag was bad on valentine’s … i mean the start of the feast and yesterday. i couldn’t finish my 20 actions before i headed for bed. did fallen london become more popular after the sunless sea launch??

I’d suspecct it’s as much because of the event as anything else that usually draws back a large crowd of lapsed players, at least for a bit.

I launched a topic to list the best grinding options:

Edited… found the gifts list here:
But they might add more this year :D
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They’ve explicitly said that (and what they are) in the sticky thread at the top of the page :P

Is the card which is supposed to make the grinding easy still there? Or has it ended already? I can’t seem to hit it for at least a day now, and I was only able to draw it enough times for getting Masquing to 10 (while never failing to get it whenever it appeared).
Is it possible there is some trick to drawing it I’ve missed? It says it should be Ubiquitous or Abundant, and so far the only ubiquitous thing are the unwanted letters from my aunt…
Thank you,

Sir Reginald Monteroy

Is it possible there is some trick to drawing it I’ve missed?[/quote]

Sacrificing goats to RNG.
(in-game goats probably don’t work)


I take it it’s still possible to draw it then?

Does it appear in any area, or just in some (e.g. Lodgings or Carnival)? Is it perchance locked off with high scandal or other menace or with some Progress value?

If none of these apply, is it possible that it’s a bug?

Anyone here experiencing similar problems? Seems like most of those writing considered it “easy” to hit 20 Masquing, whereas to me it seems literally impossible…

You don’t need to be anywhere specific to draw it, you just need to be lucky. Sometimes the RNG can be very mean. Annoying, but not a bug.

Also provides the ability to invite her to your Salon, if you ever need 60+ making waves at once!

She’s at the Duchess’s Banquet. Bring confident smiles, you might need 'em.

Also, be sure NOT to sell it (even though it’s worth a lot of echoes) like I did last year, don’t think there’s another way to get one apart from spending fate at Sackmas, when that Dreadful Surmise becomes very useful.
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Ah, there we go, I’ve got the surmise.

Well, now to grind back to 20 again.

Not possible to get the tattoo yet, is it?

Not yet - maybe once Lilac turns up you’ll be able to start that storyline, but it’s possible the option won’t show until near the end of the event.