Grinding a swift zee-clipper

I’ve had my Rusty Tramp steamer a while now, and it’s done stirling service for clearing every option in Scientific discovery, general exploratrion, and even survived Polythreme and back.

However, I think something a little more sophistacted is in order, (as I have now ground every lodging, and all the gold options in the bizarre sidestreets, along with almost every story to the content cap). My choice is the swift-zee clipper, however, it only seems purchasable with Fate?

The Majestic Pleasure Yacht, and the Zubmarine, both have a grindable option, or a fate option. The Zee-clipper seems to have 2 Fate options, and no earnable option, according to the wiki’s. Is there something I’ve missed? Or any way to grind for the Clipper?

It is entirely possible to obtain the Clipper without use of Fate. It will simply require a great deal of grinding to do so. If memory serves, you will need a number of Legal Documents and the Use of a great many Villains.

I got a Clipper on my alt character and I did it by grinding. It took me like a week and a half of chasing assassins if I remember correctly, but it was possible.

I just got one a little over a week ago. They’ve significantly dropped the [color=#ffffff]Use of Villians [/color]cost (for the non fate option), [color=#ffffff]it was 24, now it’s 12[/color].

I’d recommend, traveling to your lodgings, and begin a [color=#ffffff]series of lethal encounters against a shadowy figure[/color], you’ll find the reward useful in your efforts to acquire this audacious vessel. [color=#ffffff]Legal contracts [/color]on the other hand, i’d recommend returning to Wilmot’s end, and grinding there.

I’m grinding for a zee-clipper now and I know I saw a non-Fate option when I last checked. Probably a bug.

Many thanks for the swift and helpful replies everyone :)