Greyfields 1882

I’m trying to get into the Shuttered Palace and need 400 bottles of Greyfields 1882. Could a kind soul advise me on where to find a source?

To be honest, I seem to recall giving up on finding a good source and just buying them from the Bazaar. Not cheap, but it may be easier to sell the rewards from your usual skill grinds and buy the wine outright.

The fastest way at that level is to use the card that gives temporary entry to the Palace and use Call in Favours > A Boon from a Lady-in-Waiting to get 120 for 120CP of Society connections. The latter can be ground quickly by attending the Duchess’s Salon and being erudite, which is also available at the Palace. Good luck.

I haven’t seen the temporary entry to the palace in some weeks now. I’m not sure why.

I might end up just buying from the Bazaar :p

Are you the Darling of the Ambassador’s Ball yet? I seem to remember one of the storylets leading up to that being a good source of 1882.

Temporary entry to the palace not showing up might be a fickle RNG, or it might be your Persuasive not being in the proper range to unlock the card.