Greatly dislike RNG for time limited events

I’ve been trying to get all of the options on each candidate’s campaign. I’ve started with Slowcake. This was going ok. I have the fate lore, all the card options except the last two meetings. That’s taken me four days including having seen no Slowcake today at all. I’ve been holding the other two candidates to cut their cards from the deck. Anytime I have an empty deck and 16 actions I go ahead and teach at JEnny’s school. This is all the progress I’ve made. Come tomorrow I’ll probably give up. I’d like to support the contrarian but am now wondering if I’ll ever get done with my project. Roughly 80 cards a day. Is there an action I can take to call a specific candidate card?

You can do election Flash Lays and get reputation, but there is nothing you can do to “arrange a meeting” with the candidates.
I think a lot of people have had the same problem.