Gratitude and questions about modding

Hello, fellow zee-captains, hello great Masters of the Bazaar,

First of all, I wanted to thank the Failbetter team for bringing us Sunless Sea. For me, it is the best game of 2015, and perhaps even of this decade! :D
So, thank you very very much.

On the other hand, I have ideas to mod the game and hopefully improve it. I have already managed to understand the system of qualities and to create new items, such as guns and cargo, and I was able to made them available in game.
Yesterday, I tried to make a new ship, just to see how complex it was. Quite quickly, I’ve been able to create a new vessel, and even to play it in game :)
But I haven’t understood everything and have a few questions, a bit technical.

-How can I manage the equipments slots availability on the ships? My researches point out that it is hardcoded, but maybe I can export the properties of existing ships layouts?

-How are ships available in the shipyard, while they are listed under the Iron&Misery shop? Is it simply because they are defined as ships?

-How can I add new bonuses to ships? If I copy/paste a bonus from another ship, it works, but when I try to make a one with a new ID, it doesn’t work :(
In the same line of ideas, is it possible to add more exotic bonuses (such as fuel efficiency) to ships?

I hope someone can answer my questions, and that I will be able to contribute in adding content to this wonderful game :)

Oh, and if the devs could make tutorials explaining how to mod step by step, I think it would really help novice modders to get into it and benefit the game. I am considering the option of writing guides myself, but I think I do not master the code well enough to do so.

Thanks again, I hope I’ve been able to explain clearly my problems :)

Here’s a modding tutorial for ya:

Hope this helps

I have of course read all the modding guidelins Failbetter provided us, but my I’m afraid my problem is way beyond that ^^

Thanks for trying to help though :)