I just got banished from the court, and it said something about becoming a governor once I got back to Fallen London. I can’t find anything about it though, if you know how to get this please tell me.

-Edward Frye

You’ll need to go to the Foreign Office, found in Wilmot’s End to go down that path. Also note that you will need your own ship once you’re ready for your Governorship.


I’m also confused by this.

I finally did the (Heart’s Desire) Opera in court, and the Veteran Privy Counselor told me about the Governorship. Upon arrival at the Tomb Colonies, I picked the first choice, and it mentioned the Governorship.

Upon arrival back to London, I went to the Foreign Office, and the entry option is still locked… because A Diplomat in the Making is grayed out. Am I missing something obvious? I visited every area in London, and nothing seems to be different, besides most of the options in the Shuttered Palace being missing (which is normal, I guess).[li]
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Looks like th figured it out immediately after asking.

I drew the card to get Foreign Office access. You need to be a POSI with Persuasive of 115. You probably have that much by now.

EDIT: Oh right! You have to discover Wilmot’s End first. With a high Shadowy you can draw a Shadowy challenge card to discover the route. It is possible that the Find New Stories storylet in your Lodgings may be helpful.

A little more info about Wilmot’s End - it’s one of those places where you can grind a couple of the hard to get POSI items, although it takes serious time.

Wilmot’s End is mainly Shadowy while the Foreign Office is naturally Persuasive. If you thought writing the opera was hard, try these challenges that require at least 200 for straightforward. Don’t worry about Foreign Office - even if you fail the challenge you still make progress. But you might want some friends ready to soak up the Scandal.
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I decided to check for new stories. It has been a while since I had to go there… for anything.

I’m ok at the Foreign Office. I can 100% the challenges. I just delayed my exit from the court for a long time.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Wilmot’s End has a very Watchful grind route. Searching for the Missing Woman, Your Own Eyes, Dreaming Scholar.

Ah, looks like you can use all four of your skills at Wilmot’s End. Persuasive/Watchful for the woman and Shadowy/Dangerous for business. Each skill gets the Menace you’d expect from it.

Looking at the wiki though it looks like if you choose certain choices you’ll be stuck with either just Watchful or just Persuasive on woman. Check the wiki before you choose or it could be slow going for a while unless you main in both those skills.