Goodbye to the Acolyte?

So far as I know, I passed all the dialogue options with the Acolyte, befriended (&quotbefriended&quot?) her, and she left Station III for London. Is she gone forever, or is this an intermediate part of her story? I was really hoping for a new surgeon.

I’m also wondering what happens to all the storylets I didn’t get a chance to follow? It appears my Acolyte has left as well :( Sadness.

Will I get to learn more? Or did I cheat myself out of most of the story by doing the wrong ones? Is there an optimal way to follow those storylets (asking her questions, running errands, watching autopsies, etc, the ones that all appear in a list when you dock at Station 3) that allows you to see most of them before she leaves? Or does the story automatically progress after you’ve done a certain number, regardless of what they are? There was a LOT of stuff there.

Really kind of sad that I only got to investigate a few of those stories, because they were all really interesting, and I had a hard time picking between them. Come baaaaack! grabby hands :p
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Mine disappeared on an earlier captain when I visited the low building as soon as it appeared as an option. I don’t know if she or the Smith will reappear when the locked options open either. I also don’t know if she will disappear doing anything else.

But with my current captain I am avoiding that place. At the moment I still have her and can keep running errands, asking questions and watching autopsies, so think that might be the trigger for her going elsewhere…

I just did another run over there, and I still have the Smith, so that’s nice :)

I think the trigger is not in the autopsies and the errands but in the “Questions to the Acolyte” storylets.
Could be only the last question triggers the ending of her story but I’m not sure.

Hmm, could be. I didn’t ask her the last question on that list, I’m trying to remember the titles of the ones I did ask her. I know each one added to the Acolyte quality though, maybe it triggers when it hits a certain level.

Once you progress far enough, asking her a question will result in her leaving the island. As far as I can tell you can run errands forever.

(Determined via save-scumming the dialogue options. Also, I’ve never had the Smith leave the island - I’ve just exhausted all of his dialogue until the option to introduce him to the cannoneer shows up.)

I figured it out quite completely (messing a bit with savegame editing).

The state of the event depend mainly on the &quotTrading in the long Boxes&quot quality and in a certain degree to the &quotEarn the Acolity favour&quot.

There are three possible outcomes, depending mainly on the choice you make during the autopsy of her twin, &quotThe Other Autopsy&quot, that’s the final part of &quotSummons to the Low Bulding&quot
As soon as you go to the Low Bulding, (that appear as soon as you have &quotTrading in the Long Boxes&quot set to 4, and at this point the quality seems to became inactive, so you could continue to do the Errands and the Question, earning fovour, fragments and so on) Trading in the Long Boxes is set to 5, if you manage to return to the dock pressing the &quotX&quot or similar thing, you’re fucked cause you could not re do the event and all the other options are gone, this probably a bug, instead if you go on, you could have three endings:

  1. If you help her and tell the thruth OR have succes in telling a confortable Lie, you have the &quotOnce More&quot ending
    1b) You could give her consolation
    1c) You could give her real consolation and get +2 hearts and a secret

  2. If you help her, try to tell her a Lie and FAIL, you get the same &quotOnce more&quot event, but your favour it’s setted to O, so you could only choose one, because 1b and 1c are locked.
    1a) Apologize

  3. If you dissuade her, you get &quotPicnic with the Acolyte&quot and have +5 Hearts and -5 Terror as a reward.

In all the cases she’s gone and you will not find her on the isle next time.
Some checks are done on the favour, when you have a favour around 40, you have 100% succes, so it’s good farming it a bit doing errands or question before go to the Low bulding.


Be careful, because it a very deep and well written story. Don’t rush it :)
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I think this kind of ties in with the permadeath and create new character aspect of the game though. As you die and come back as different people you can learn the other parts of her story that you missed.