Good Way to Get Greyfields1882 Fast?

I’m in the ambition where you catch the Vake at the part where you have to get a mandrake drunk. Are there any storylets that pay out in a lot of Greyfields 1882? The only areas I have access to beyond the base four and my lodgings are Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival and The Flit.

Unfinished Business at Ladybones Road–the storylet called &quotA Tradition developed After the Fall&quot will give you 50 Greyfields 1882, but I’m not sure whether that storylet is available to characters who aren’t yet Persons of Some Importance. If you can unlock the route to the Shuttered Palace that would be better (requires 400 Greyfields 1882 and 1000 Greyfields 1879). In the Shuttered Palace, you can call in Favours with a Lady-in-Waiting for 210 Greyfields 1882; requires 1 Favours: Society. If unlocking the Palace route is too expensive for you right now, consider the &quottemporary unlocks&quot mentioned on this page:

Of course, if you have enough money, you can simply buy what you need at the Bazaar for the price of ,02 Echoes per bottle. Good luck!

That’s quite early on in the ambition. I was very far from being a POSI at that point and I don’t suppose the original poster is either (considering the places they have unlocked), so Unfinished Business was no use. I couldn’t find a quick way, and not wanting to spend money I told politically dangerous jokes in the Singing Mandrake. Took forever, but at least it raised my Persuasive a bit.

I think if I was doing it again, I would postpone the ambition for a spell, play the Persuasive storyline until I opened up the Palace, and then spend Society favours there as suggested above.

Thanks. I think I’m going to go with Plynkes suggestion.

If you play through the &quotA Name Signed with a Flourish&quot storyline it unlocks the palace for free, so if like me you don’t like spending your resources, it is better than some of the options, which will cost you. The permanent unlock is almost certainly not worth it as rather self-defeatingly costs a load of wine, and loads of wine is your reason for going there.

I can’t remember what you need to do for the one-time visit, I think it is card based. Might be worth it you are in a hurry. I think one of the methods costs silk, or somesuch, and the other requires you already know the Wry Functionary, and I can’t remember how you unlock that - By playing through the &quotName Signed with a Flourish&quot questline, I think.

Specifically, you meet him at the Ambassador’s Ball.

Alternatively, if you have 5 each of Favours: Society and Tomb-Colonists, you may draw the card “Going gentle”. Siding with Society gives 250 Greyfields 1882, among things.

the rooftop shack oportunity card has the “talk to a friend of a friend” repentant forger challenge, that gives you a bottle of broken giant and 25 greyfields 1882. It’s not much and at the beginning, you have bads odds to succeed, but you increase acquaintance on a failure and don’t decrease it on a success. It is quite a lucrative option long-term, and the lodging costs only 150 shrieks. (You don’t have to move in there, the opportunity card gets added to your deck just from buying the key)