Good Flute Street items to watch out for?

So Pyro is currently visiting Flute Street and aside from being fascinated, he’s also feeling like a piece of bat guano since he never thought that the Rubbery Men are rather civilized (sort of) unlike the other tentacled creatures that he hunts. He’ll probably cease hunting them in the future and become their friend instead (Connected: Rubbery Men).

My character also got a sweet Neathymon so Pyro’s excited to go back home and tell the Bishop all about it.

Anyways, are there any other things I should watch out for in Flute Street that doesn’t require additional FATE?

(a reply via PM is fine too)

By Neathymon I assume you mean Rubbery Hound? There is also the Rubbery Skull. I found playing through ALL the non-Fate content pretty fun and lore-informative in general.


Yup, I already got the Hound (only two more pets, gotta catch them all) and the Skull.

Maybe I’ll go for another round and go back home. I have a certain appointment in the Tomb-Colonies ;)

With Sacksmas coming up, it’s worth pointing out that pulling out all the stops when breeding the Rubbery Hound provides a decent source of Storm Threnodies.

(Or maybe it’s actually a mediocre source of Storm-Threnodies. I’ll never know, because I’m enjoying looping through Flute Street too much to try anything different.)

I also did that last year for Storm-Threnodies. It was fun, and something different than my old Thefts of a Particular Character standby.

Aside from the Hound and Skull, Flute Street provides the only consistent source of Unearthly Fossils and a way to convert lower-tier items into a Direful Reflection iirc. Unsurprisingly it’s also a decent source of amber and Connected: Rubbery Men.

You can also reliably grind Unearthly Fossils by emancipating Strong-Backed Labour in the Clay Quarters. You get street signs too, and if you buy / sell Strong-Backed Labour in the clay quarters you’ll even turn a modest profit.

If you have a Ticket to Apis Meet, it’s also possible to pick up 2 Unearthly Fossils on each loop through.