Golden Hunt?

I dropped out of Knife and Candle for the time being, but how is Golden Hunt mandatory? If I do not have a form but three victories, can I be challenged to a Golden Hunt and forced to accept?

Nobody can send you a challenge to any hunt if you don’t have a form. If you have one, though, you can be forced into a Golden Hunt.

It’s also worth noting that you can always withdraw from a Golden Hunt anyway.

You can immediately withdraw if you want though. What &quotmandatory&quot means is you autoaccept the duel so it saves you the 1 action cost of accepting the duel. Which has two effects really,

  1. It makes it hard to notice you are in a duel because it shows up on the message side only and you don’t get a corresponding social action so if you don’t check the text and only check social actions you’ll miss it. It would be nice if the making moves in the moon league main branch had a different visual for when you are in a duel vs when you are not in a duel, but without that, it is very very easy to forget or simply not notice.
  2. It makes it exploitable for stats gain by those who would get to golden duel status and then just withdraw. Granted you can’t challenge the same person twice in 24 hours, but imagine if you had a large group of alts you could get lots of free stats points for 0 actions.

There’s no other benefit really to the 0 action cost of golden duels. It’s a bit confusing why that mechanic exists in the first place to be honest. It’s not like they occur a dozen times a day or any other fast paced period where that 1 action might be significant.
edited by NiteBrite on 10/26/2015