Gold frame, black painting

Delicious Friends, I am in need of some clarification. I had, acquired, a unique painting ( and chose to take it to my recent acquaintance, the Repentant forger (card 2, option 3) and instead of receiving any sort of truly visible confirmation, I was told to, “Wait for the next opportunity.” (Not the reward listed on the wiki sadly; I was really looking forward to 700 proscribed materials!).

Is this next opportunity the next time that particular one appears or supposed to literally have been the next opportunity?

A Lady pondering lost fate

More opportunity cards dealing with the painting will eventually turn up, now that you’ve started the story.

Is this quest repeatable, ie. you can sell and re-steal the frame?

I can’t speak for the fate-locked portions, but I’ve sold my frame at least 20 different times. As long as you don’t have a frame, you have a chance of drawing the steal card.

And yes, the fate-locked options appear again after having run that storyline once. Don’t forget that selling reduces Scandal as well as gaining silk and Society.

Bless you both! I will update the wiki accordingly.

Bless you both! I will update the wiki accordingly.