Going out to Eat: Echo use outside the Bazaar

A merciless ambush depriving me of my third Iron Knife Token (thanks Dolan) and I was left with a small wound. Being supremely well off in our dear Fallen London I resolved to not have my esteemed person waddle around London with this mark like some fresh escapee from New Newgate Prison. So I had two options,

  1. Use a bottle from my mountain of Tinctures thanks to the Master’s constantly coming by my House and giving me a batch of it after my escapades at the zoo.
  2. Use the restoration opportunity card to eat some leftovers because I did not have any Day’s Passing qualities on my person.

And after looking at my options of Leftovers or Medicine, it suddenly hit me that this was a little underwhelming. Why couldn’t I go out to eat? Or to a doctor? I have over 200 Echoes in my proverbial wallet and yet going out to Dinner was beyond my power. I can freaking buy the services of a Bengal Tigress to maul my adversaries whenever I want yet I must navigate opportunity cards to eat a good meal - why does that seem odd to me?

Point is I would like to be able to use my Echoes outside the Bazaar to heal my Menaces.

  1. For Wounds an expensive Dinner at Dante’s
  2. For Nightmares a casual stroll through a Museum
  3. Avoid Scandal by donating money to the Church
  4. Wittle down Suspicion by… I don’t know, bribing people?

By all means make them expensive, like $10 Echoes or something. I don’t know if this would unbalance the game or not but I just wanted to throw this out there. What do you guys think?

I doubt it would be game-unbalancing if it was that expensive, but it would be less useful.

One could add to your basic scheme in interesting ways, too:

Dinner with Connexions of the Wry Functionary to reduce Unaccountably Peckish (or make that an added function of an expensive meal at Dante’s).

Attend a performance of the London Symphony to reduce Plagued by a Popular Song.

While at it - add menacing cards for UP and PPS as well? It’s time those actually got menacing =)
And let’s not forget Turncoat - let us decrease it without having it increase to 4 first.
edited by Aximillio on 4/10/2013

It doesn’t show up until you’ll progressed significantly in the storyline, but A contretemps in a restaurant is essentially a menacing card for UP.

Sorry! Do you mean I took your third and final token? I can send you one if you need to get back in the game.

Sorry! Do you mean I took your third and final token? I can send you one if you need to get back in the game.[/quote]

Oh no, I was just kidding. Really I am fine (got the third one from that strange delivery person). In fact I had been trying to send you a parcel of gems through the Commotion in the Square Card as a token of my esteem and to broker a peace but for some odd reason was unable to. At any rate, a splendid ambush - I just wish I could buy crumpets afterwards is all… with a spot of dark coffee.

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I’m afraid if I were an easy man to find, I wouldn’t have as many Tokens as I currently do. For the time being, I must stick to the shadows, but when the Season has ended, I’d be happy to grab coffee - provided we can.

It might be worth popping this on the suggestions forum?


There’s now an option allowing you to spend Rostygold to write a letter to another player.