Goggles of Impossible Colour

So, we can get goggles tinted with Irrigo, from the Nadir. Would it be possible to colour goggles with other colours? And moreover, what would those goggles do?

Well, according to my inkpot, violant is the “color of necessary, but troublesome, connections”. I imagine wearing such goggles would be quite educational, if not particularly good for one’s long-term stability.

Cosmogone would help you see into dreams, as well as see things long lost which are at the birth of things. For deeeeeeeeep lore reasons, those may well be the same thing.

We can already get Cosmogone Spectacles. Probably goggles wouldn’t be too different from those.

And I’m now imagining Gant goggles. I’m not sure what that would do, but it sounds like a really bad idea.

Where did you get Cosmogone spectacles?

Glassman profession item.

Thanks - sadly not a Glassman.

I want Violant Underwear. For very obvious reasons.

To ensure you will never forget the one single time you wet yourself? :loo:

Well apparently violant goggles drove you insane, sorta like in Funes the Memorious. Gant goggles just made everything like Saya no Uta.

Gant goggles sound like a great idea. At least then everything would be more uniform.

To ensure you will never forget the one single time you wet yourself? :loo:[/quote]

Hahaha no ! For violant is the color of necessary connections ! ;'D (ok, &quotnecessary, but troublesome, connections&quot, but I’m pretty sure I can manage the troublesome part in some way… ok, I have no idea how, but still, my point is valid, I’m sure… err… ahem…)

My reactions to reading this were spit between:

  1. Terrifying.


  1. Wow… went there.

I imagine Apocyan goggles would be incredibly useful, especially in the Cave of the Nadir. Then again, Irrigo goggles don’t seem to make you forget things faster…

How would you know?

Actually, though difficult to reflect in the game’s mechanics, irrigo goggles do make it easier to forget. This is referenced in one of the Gloom destinies as one of the many mercies that Night Inevitable will bestow on the happy populace.