Goat grinding: Coc grind after favours change.

Trying to settle in for a second overgoat so I can get my Ubergoat (though still spilling money on Diaries of the dead in pursuit of Fluke Core too). I mostly stick to Affairs of the box and snap up whatever opportunity cards come my way. I know getting collection of curiosities through war of assassins and trading to tomb colonists was very promising, but does anyone know if it is still optimal after change to favours system?

Yes, trading a box of curiosities to the tomb colonists for 5 puzzling map scraps remains a good value. The only change now is that you lose a favour in order to do it, and must have at least 1 favour to have the option open. Whereas previously you needed 5 connected, but suffered no connection loss when making the trade. As such, you do have to manage your favours now so there is a minimal decrease in value.

Edit: Ah, well as an_ocelot pointed out, they added the Extraordinary Implication, which I forgot about. Mea culpa.
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The profit is increased by an Extraordinary Implication to offset the extra action needed to get the favor.

It’s slightly better as a carousel-based grind but slightly worse when getting Dramatic Tension from the Nadir.

Yes, and you could make a case for that side of the story. You could also make the case that, since you could alternatively cash in five for 23.5 echoes on tomb-colonies vs. society (If the wiki’s range is right), that you’re making a loss, relative to its previous state, since you’re consuming favors (worth ~22/5 echos or 4.4 echoes per favor, with 5-favor cash-out, or ~32/7, 4.57 Echoes per favor with seven-favor) this way.

So by my version, the actions would be the same as before (35. treating the favor as something consumed, not part of the grind), but the payout would now be 60.6 echoes, making the payout 1.71 epa. not a huge nerf, but not tiny either.

The main difference, though, is that the reliability of the payouts- the bottleneck always was the cash-in option- is now halved, unless you make regular trips to the land of the scandalous, or choose your faction pet for this grind.

I’m not sure how this works. elaborate, please?
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Well, more than slightly worse I suppose from a strictly EPA standpoint. Previously it was five actions for 62.5 echoes, discounting card rewards (three actions for DT, one to trade in for a CoC, one to trade in the CoC). Now it’s six actions for 65 echoes, so down from 12.5 EPA to 10.83 EPA.

Thanks everyone. It looks like it’s still an avenue worth pursuing (I didn’t know about the extra extraordinary implication). The only difficult part will be restraining myself from dumping favors into renown as I’m doing with the other factions, but such are the sacrifices of the goatly pursuit.

Fortunately right now there isn’t really much point to increasing Tomb-Colonist renown. High renown to my knowledge unlocks one not very noteworthy option on a mid-level Dangerous card.

To put what Grenem is saying (I think) another way: CoC trade in is profitable, but if you cash in your Favours: Tomb-Colonists on the Society conflict card and spend the rest of the actions you would have spent grinding in Wilmot’s End on the Affair of the Box instead, you make a better profit.

What I’m saying is that favors are worth about 4.3 echoes at least generous on the vs. society conflict card. When you treat them as being worth that, the profitability goes down to 60.7 echoes per 35 action loop. (If you consider the loss of the other favor you could claim instead to be part of the cost, the epa drops further. But i’m assuming the oppurtunity cost isn’t that significant, though you could make the case for lowering the payout another 2.3 echoes) I have no idea if this drops it to be non-functional or not, but that’s the way it is now, when you treat favors as currency.
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