Glorious Round of Applause

Too often I hear about the long unfixed echo bugs and a few other creepy crawlies. I have decided to make a thread dedicated to giving credit where credits due to the delousing team at Failbetter Games. Many at time I’ve come to them with an issue and they’ve fixed it in under a day. And recently they fixed a glitch I was having with my card flipping. So I raise a glass to you changers of reality and keepers of the gate to another world. Thank-you for your efforts to make my journey through the neath possible

While I did indeed have to stifle a ‘hurrah!’ when I discovered that the bug had indeed changed, I can not bring myself to give it the label ‘fixed’. It instead seem to be merely ‘still broken but in a more favorable way’, as when you draw a card from your opportunity deck instead of resetting it to ~ten minutes it seems to subtract the time listed from ten minutes and resets the timer to that number.

A vast improvement to be sure, but not exactly working as intended I feel.

I don’t know what you are talking about, clearly we are meant to go through several thousand cards a day now.

Well, that didn’t last long.

…This bug is the best thing that could have happened. If only it worked this way with actions!
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I admit I took advantage while it lasted (Fallen London is in a “brief period of respite” at the moment, and I fully expect when it returns the ability to get extra Op cards will be fixed) - I figure I evened out the number of times that I lost Op cards by accidentally clicking on the card when the timer was 30 seconds or less.

But I also admit, I felt a wee bit guilty about taking advantage of what clearly had to be a mistake.

EDIT: Ok, I no longer feel even a wee bit guilty. Because post the “brief period of respite” we don’t have a fixed Op Card Timer, but the old buggy one again. ARGH, I thought for sure it would be fixed when we got back in.
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What… exactly happened? I was grinding on a single storylet and I didn’t particularly notice anything unusual with the cards.

For a relatively brief period of time, the timer would reset to almost done (<30 seconds left mostly) as soon as you drew a card. So as long as you kept pulling a card, you could get a new one almost immediately, effectively flipping through a large number of cards to find one you wanted to play/keep.

I was on my last card when that happened - not sure if it worked if you had >1 in your stack, though.

When you drew an opportunity card, the time remaining would be subtracted from 10 minutes, and the result would be the new time remaining. So if you had 9 minutes and 50 seconds left, and you drew a card, you’d have 10 seconds left until the next card.

To be specific, when you drew a card it set the timer to 10 minutes minus what the timer was when you drew the card. So if you drew a card when it was 9:30 til the next one, then you only had 30 seconds to wait. (edit: bah, pipped to my helpful explanation!)

Aryenke, while I share your disappointment, at least this bug suggests that they’re trying to fix it?
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I sure hope so, and it looks like it - I’m just grumpy today - the combined bugs do make the playing less enjoyable, and I hoped the quick op card bug meant we’d see the proper fix in place soon.

I am at Zee while reading this, and as I pick up a card, my timer changed from ~8:30 to 10:00. Did the bug change back to the worse version, or is something else going on?

They reset it back.

I’m hoping it is just the temp solution until they figure out how to fix it without causing today’s bug to resurface.
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