Giving an Exceptional Friendship

Is there a way to give someone an Exceptional Friendship? Or at least, exactly enough Fate/Nex for one? There’s the Square of Lofty Words, but as far as I know that only has a 100 Fate option, which I certainly do not have. [li]

As far as I know you can only give 100 Fate - either through the Square of Lofty Words or the House of Chimes.

For some reason I thought that the Square of Lofty Words had a ten fate option at some point, but I guess not. Hm, I guess I’ll have to think about how to do this some more.

It did, but that was removed due to people abusing alts and free gifts to send themselves Fate, so now only the 100-fate gift exists.
It’d be nice to have an intermediate that’s higher than 10, admittedly; like 30-50 or so, enough that it’s out of reach of alts but more accessible for people who want to send gifts to their friends. Especially with the FotER coming up, which’ll probably have a hecka lotta Fate stuff if it’s anything like last year.

Last year’s Exceptional Rose did indeed include Fatey gift options. Some sent items but I have an inkling there was one that straight-up gifted Fate.